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Big Data & Analytics

The Situation Today

Communication plays a pivotal role in providing and feeding data for analysis to all industries today. Therefore, the employment of analytics in communications is increasing especially as it can help in creating more targeted offers, developing customizable consumption plans for end consumers, and creating business strategies based on behavioural studies.

In emerging markets such as India, there are multiple channels through which consumers connect with each other. Hence, players are constantly revisiting their strategies using the insights from customer data.

Analytics is also being employed internally, to measure metrics and provide inputs for organizational expansion strategies, and to measure program effectiveness.

How HCL Can Help

HCL has been driving a number of Big Data and Analytics solution implementations across a number of mission-critical industries, helping customer stakeholders take better operational decisions in the areas of pricing, product bundling, campaigns, customer experience, churn, and customer management. Business capabilities that we have enabled:

  • Increased service reliability and prediction on component failure, thus reducing unscheduled maintenance
  • Cross-selling and up-selling of products and services
  • Better insights into customer behaviour and churn management
  • Improved sales analytics  and visual dashboards for marketing campaigns
  • Classification of application sessions - web, multimedia and p2p for service differentiated charging

BI solutions and strategies have largely relied on inside data to derive business intelligence for operational decisions:

  • Analytics for telecom operators to assess propensity to churn and spend
  • Analytics for assessing customer experience for telecom services
  • Analytics for providing real-time product bundles while purchasing products from different  telecom operators
  • Analytics for assessing choke points in telecom networks leading to QoS dips based on a real-time analysis of service usage
  • Analytics for assessing supply chain efficiencies - buying, distribution, and consumption patterns, circuit utilisation in the world of MPLS, GigaE, etc., and taking QoS and product overlay decisions
  • In wholesale, the best routes that offer balance between service quality and price

What You Can Expect

HCL leverages data-driven strategies to help its partners innovate, compete, and gain value by

  • making sense of the 'chatter' or 'noise' in Social Media and establishing/uncovering customer experience, churn possibilities, competition play, and trouble spots
  • making sense of the 'likes', 'dislikes' and 'favourites' in the social network and then forming opinions and decisions around products, customer preferences, service choices, price barriers, etc.
  • providing real-time predictive analytics in the world of Cloud for proactive capacity utilisation, assessing SLA performance, etc., based on real-time demand assessment
  • providing intelligence in Ad-Serving based on consumer behaviour, especially for Operators who are coming out with walled garden approaches to App Stores

From a Network Analytics standpoint, a few use cases are being explored by us:

  • Sweat excess capacity in networks - by understanding traffic consumption patterns
  • M2M Preferential QoS in relation to non-critical applications
  • Optimal interconnects by balancing bandwidth prices with QoS
  • Optimal Data Traffic Routing in own and preferred networks
  • Enterprise Link Shaping based on Service Usage Analytics
  • Real-time provisioning of DC and Cloud Assets based on virtual Network Traffic Analysis
  • Network Outage Analytics and decisions for network planning, traffic shaping, etc.
  • Sentiment Analysis of quality of network services
  • Smart App Analysis [popularity, data volume and signalling consumption] to determine network impacting apps

Our Retail Analytics Framework provides an analytics and performance management pre-build solution for the retail industry.  The solution addresses questions like: what is the customer buying pattern, what is the penetration in the target market, how do I reduce stock out scenarios, what is our asset to sales ratio, who are my best performing suppliers, and more. The solution includes ten analytical modules specifically tailored to the retail industry and their related KPIs.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.