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Software Defined Networking (SDN)


Situation Today

Service providers are seeking to transform network technology, operations, infrastructure, software, and APIs in a way that provides greater value to their customers and application development partners. The result could be a cloud-centric networked capability that supports varied workloads together with flexible business models. Customers expect to develop key software resources in a way that they can be openly used to develop innovative services and solutions, through a component-based architecture and through Agile development.

  • SDN & NFV challenges
    • To develop an optimized new service roll-out strategy
    • To reduce the overheads for operationalizing multi-vendor and hybrid network environments
    • To introduce software-defined control with reduced migration overheads
  • Orchestration challenges
    • To optimize orchestration’s span of control against both old and new infrastructure and assets
    • To extend orchestration capabilities for ‘self-services’ in various B2B and B2C scenarios
    • Orchestration for converged and composite services

How HCL Can Help

HCL’s tenets are well-aligned to telecom service provider needs:

  • HCL’s Technology SMEs, Solution Architects, Functional Analysts, Delivery Architects and Engineers in SDN/NFV CoE, are involved in:
    • Customer projects
    • Developing IPs, reusable components and frameworks
    • Contributing to Open Source Forums - OpenDayLight, OpenStack
    • Contributing to standardization initiatives in IETF & ETSI
  • HCL has invested in developing SDN & NFV assets to help accelerate engineering services towards Software Defined Networks migration, VNF interoperability, manageability and orchestration
  • HCL is the Engineering Partner to four of the top Telecom and Networking OEMs and 2 of the top virtualization infrastructure providers,
    • Carrying out performance characterization for top platform vendors of x86 based NFV infrastructure
    • Enabling Software Defined Networks for optical / microwave backhaul devices
    • Sustaining a top Telecom and Networking OEM’s SDN controller product line
    • Developing a service orchestration platform for a top Telecom and Networking OEM
    • Developing north-bound adapters for various NMS, OSS/BSS systems for two of the top Telecom and Networking OEM’s virtualized and software defined product offerings

HCL’s SDN & NFV Engineering Propositions

  • Proposition 1: NFV Service Orchestration
    • Pre-verified integrated implementation with a leading Tier-1’s MUC portfolio – better time to market, reduced total cost of ownership
    • Five reference-able case studies of underlying frameworks leveraged for cloud hosted services
    • Proven experience in professional services and custom integration in TSP environment
  • Proposition 2: NFV & SDN Interop Testing and Performance Benchmarking
    • Leverage HCL’s engineering insights on the telecom and networking products of 7 of the top 8 telecom and networking vendors, top platform vendors, and top virtualization infrastructure providers
    • Gain up to 30% reduction in manual engineering effort
  • Proposition 3: Software Defined Networks Migration for Legacy Infrastructure
    • Engagements with two of the top telecom and networking customers
    • Up to 30% time to market acceleration for SDN legacy modernization
    • Solution Note available in Intel Network Builder Ecosystem

What You Can Expect

HCL provides the following service offerings based on the above propositions:

  • Proposition 1: NFV Service Orchestration
    • Solution engineering, integration and professional services for NFV service orchestration
    • A reusable framework for supporting networking and telecommunication services hosted on virtualized infrastructure
    • Connectors for integration with service provider infrastructure
    • Integrating controllers-based network orchestration
  • Proposition 2: NFV & SDN Interop Testing and Performance Benchmarking
    • NFV interop testing and performance benchmarking services for multi-vendor environments
    • Tool chain developed for NFV-infrastructure, Hypervisors, Orchestrators supporting multi-vendor platform providers
    • Extendible Integration wrapper developed for multi-vendor VNF interop and performance benchmarking
  • Proposition 3: Software Defined Networks Migration for Legacy Infrastructure
    • Engineering services for design, development, and validation of SDN agent, mediation, controllers, and higher order applications
    • Reusable framework for developing in-device embedded SDN mediation
    • Reusable SDN mediation gateway using overlay frameworks
    • Extensive experience in developing south-bound adapters for controllers
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.