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User Experience Design


Challenges We Address

Differentiation online is today a major challenge for businesses that want to draw on the power of the digital to engage with customers across channels.

That’s why organizations are increasingly focused on leveraging and transforming their digital applications across an array of platforms in order to ensure customer satisfaction, via experiences that consolidate divergent creative and technological advancements to analytically seconded processes.

Successful customer experiences take into account the organization’s value proposition as well maintain regard for user intent and cognition to architect a product that enables conversions.

How can HCL help

HCL’s User Experience Design Services

With over 20 years’ experience, and handling over a 1000 projects in the user experience design space across the manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, healthcare, media & entertainment, consumer electronics, and network & telecom industries, HCL is credited with creating simple, effective, and easy to use rich interfaces that are empowered by a user experience-centered design process.

Our key offerings in this area are:

  • User experience research: Constitutes research on UI reviews, competitor analysis, user profile analysis, and building user scenarios and use cases. Our deliverables include user experience research documents, requirements analysis, and user personas and scenarios.
  • User Experience Design: Consists of ideating and conceptualizing a solution, detailing and task analysis, information architecture, Interaction design, Visual design and wireframes. We provide Solution Concept, Information architecture, wireframes, Visual Design guidelines and specifications as deliverables.
  • User Experience Engineering: We create low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes and production ready codes ready for deployment. Our deliverables includes front end codes, templates CSS and Graphic design artifacts & elements
  • User experience Evaluation: Planning, testing, analysis, and providing recommendations; we provide analysis and recommendation reports.

Our design process — DCM:


Key activities

Contextual inquiry: In order to better understand your users, our researchers deal straight with them while performing tasks in their workplaces, at home, or on the go. HCL builds the foundation to create solutions that address their core needs by learning why users work the way they do.

Information architecture: This is the art and science of organizing and labeling within digital to support ‘find-ability’ and usability. HCL’s information architects consider the users’ own language and preconceptions when creating a navigation design.

Wire framing: Wire frames are black and white sketches that outline the contents, hierarchy, and interactive objects of your digital architecture. These sketches enable business with early and iterative insights on screen flow, hierarchy, and individual screen structure before investing time and money in creating final visuals.

Visual design: Visual design gives a face to your digital underpinning, establishes an emotional association, and ensures the proper communication of context and functions. We deliver multiple superior designs, offering you the choice to select the best to converge on one solution.

Ux engineering: Our Web 2.0 expertise in UxD exists to ‘write once, deploy anywhere.’ We leverage our core competencies to give life to the designs and integrate with array of back-end services. This results in the final product encompassing out-of-the box creative and technological advancements that will lead to customer delight.

Usability testing: This is performed with actual users in place. We evaluate overall experience, and assess the customer acceptance of the product. We sew together the feedback and refresh our strategy, thereby improving the design.

Why HCL?

With 15 years of experience in the Ux space, HCL offers solutions to help businesses create successful products and services that offer a vibrant and unique value proposition. Our expertise and in-depth understanding will create experiences resulting in:

  • Increased customer loyalty: Accelerate the process of adoption and improve the level of satisfaction among customers of your digital architecture. Make the right first impression and consistently deliver the best possible experience across channels.
  • Improved revenues:Raise sales with engaging customer experience, ensuring repeat usage and viral adoption.
  • Timely amendments: The user is the key throughout the process. We detect problems early, and through our iterative and scientific approach ensure validation and fixes in a timely manner.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.