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HCL Technologies Germany

Systems Engineering

The Situation Today

In a highly competitive world, it is imperative that an enterprise brings its offerings in time to the market, and more importantly, ensures that they are differentiated. What can make the difference is a reliable systems engineering services partner who can deliver comprehensive,end-to-end solutions. Such a partner can also help overcome cost pressures and product delays arising from the uneven distribution of work. However, it is very important that the service partner has the right experience and the expertise to handle complex developmental cycles, to really deliver the results.

HCL’s Systems Engineering Methodology

HCL provides a complete spectrum of product solutions that can transform a raw idea into a potential market winner. HCL’s comprehensive services can help build your products from the ground up.

HCL's Systems Engineering Methodology focuses on manufacturability - right from the concept design phase. The methodology involves the seamless integration of design engineering and manufacturing, to deliver a complete product with the promise of shorter time-to-market and lesser R&D investment. HCL can take on domain-specific product development engagements across industries, such as semiconductors, industrial systems, telecom, storage and servers,aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, and life sciences. In a complex concept-to-product scenario, the product evolves after many inter-related design and manufacturing processes.

HCL's Systems Engineering Methodology works on the following concept:


With the average product life cycle reducing day-by-day, the most efficient way of developing a product is to integrate the design and the manufacturing processes together as much as possible, to reduce development cycles. The two key aspects that contribute to development delays are NPI and Certification. The best way to reduce time is to integrate the design and the NPI cycle into one phase, thereby considerably reducing the development cycle.

HCL's Systems Engineering Services

  • Prototyping: Rapid prototyping, functional prototyping, sheet metal, plastic jigs and fixture design, tool design - plastic, sheet metal, castings, mould flow analysis,integration.
  • Computer sketches, mockups and artifacts, feasibility studies, conceptgeneration, styling and ergonomics, packaging
  • Mechanical Design: Assemblies and components, design maintenance, electronic packaging, reliability engineering, computer aided engineering, meshing analysis - static, dynamic, fatigue, NVH, rigid body analysis, crash analysis, thermal analysis, CFD analysis
  • Electronics Design: High level design, schematics, BOM, layouts, reverse engineering, PCB layout and engineering, DFx, DFMEA, cabling, piping and routing schematics, engineering drawing, tolerance stack analysis, IPC/IPL, user/operation manuals, software architecture, diagnostics code, simulation connection/li>
  • Manufacturing and Support:Systems engineering, procurement of components, assembly line preparation and testing, assembly line instructions, batch production, product innovation, component obsolescence, RoHS conversion
  • Compliance Testing and Certification Services: in fatigue, humidity, vibration, leakage, altitude, environmental tests, hot & cold cycling, rain chamber, dust chamber, UV resistance, ozone resistance, EMC/EMI, CE

What We’ve Done For Others

HCL developed the architecture (hardware, software, and mechanical), detailed design, PCB layout, software development, and systems integration and validation of a control system’s product for a leading chip manufacturer. This involved the global delivery of over 800 systems.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential