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Evolving Expectations and the 21st Century Enterprise

Today’s enterprise is moving towards becoming experience-centric even as end-users increasingly expect unified experiences and not just point solutions. Such an enterprise must look to technology for help with transforming its business model to deliver outcomes that cut across all value chains—user, asset, and service. This trend of adopting progressive technologies at breakneck speed is taking enterprise technologies through unchartered territory, and transforming the enterprise into a ‘21st Century Enterprise (21CE).

The concept of 21CE is to ‘think like a startup but deliver like an enterprise’, where the focus is on being fast versus slow rather than large versus small.  It will also be about being agile and lean in order to optimize the IT environment to move at a faster pace. It works best in a service-oriented, technology-agnostic ecosystem where all stakeholders - employees, suppliers, providers, consumers and others - collaborate to extend such an ecosystem beyond the enterprise. 

Characteristics of the 21CE

The 21CE will have five characteristics at its core, which will propel it towards meeting the futuristic demands of its end users.

Enterprise Technology

Enterprise Technology in 21CE: The Big Convergence

Progressive enterprises are focusing on agility, revenues, total cost of ownership, and competitive advantage. They understand that it’s no longer just about the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) but about the BIG Convergence of OT, IT and Business Technology (BT), with a strong foundation of Enterprise Technology (ET) that supports the convergence. It’s more about the union of various technology spectrums and getting a holistic view, which enables one to predict and automate.   

Enterprise Technology

ET - at the core of the 21CE - provides the foundation, platforms, and common enterprise services, which cut across the three value chains. ET enables agility and provides a total cost of ownership backbone for an ‘enterprise of the future’ with next-generation technologies—such as Digitalization, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile First, Internet First, Cognitive Computing, Cloud, Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI), Software as a Service (SaaS), Unified Communications, Next Gen Workplace Services, Next Gen Security Services, Pattern-driven Applications and Data Platforms, Unified Service Assurance, Information Security and Governance, and Risk and Compliance (GRC).

The big convergence at the 21CE directly contributes to the board matrix. Each technology spectrum contributes a significant value to business. It is therefore important to be able to see the holistic contribution of converged technology spectrums to the overall board matrix.

Enterprise Technology

The Way Forward

 The rapid surge in digital consumption has made end-user experience and co-innovation the key business expectations of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The 21CE will now aim to achieve unified experience in a highly secure and compliant environment to build mindshare and profit share.

What will eventually work is a culture of co-invention fueled by collective market insight and expertise resulting in innovative, intelligent, robust, agile, and connected technologies and products that easily adapt to people. The 21CE will need to focus more on continuous re-invention in order to meet the evolving demands of an ever changing business environment.

Furthermore, the 21CE will need to have accentuated offerings around Digitalization and IoT, coupled with a world-class delivery experience for the seamless aggregation, integration, and management of multiple technology vendors. And this will further cement the need for a best-in-class Service Integration and Management (SIAM) model.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.