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Our Services Approach

With a proven track record in application development, maintenance, and consulting services, HCL is committed to create technology-driven solutions that help satisfy customers. HCL leverages a domain-driven approach to design, and implements scalable, reliable, robust, secure, and easily maintainable applications that provide customers with business differentiation through IT.

Top Customer Priorities we help address:

  • Reporting, Analytics – single version of truth, accuracy of data for better decision support
  • Reduce IT complexity
  • Integration of mergers and acquisitions
  • Improve Business-IT alignment
  • Collaboration with partners and customers

We follow a two-pronged Application Strategy of Integrated Application Services and Align IT with Business needs.  We enable this through our proven frameworks, methodologies and Cross Functional services.

HCL’s Custom Application Services focuses on three aspects of customer IT ecosystem:

Run the Business

  • Asset™ Transition Methodology
    • Proprietary Pre-configured templates, application profiling and functional grouping


  • Applications Operations (ApOps)
    • Full range of service to run applications and enable delivery  environment.
      • Managing releases, upgrades, job scheduling, back-ups
      • Estimating capacity of application ecosystem; provide optimization inputs



  • Integrated Operations Management
    • Single Point accountability for Operations
    • Integrated Service Delivery



  • Application Support & Maintenance
    • Reduction of incidents up to 30% year-on-year
    • Removing root cause of the problems
    • Reduced cycle time to fix with configurable/parameterized response
    • Governance based on SLAs and trends



  • IT Services Assurance Framework used as a gold standard
  • Transparency in metrics and financial reporting across engagements



  • MyDashBoard 2.0
    • IT Services Assurance Framework used as a gold standard
    • Transparency in metrics and financial reporting across engagements



  • ProcessWatch
    • Automated monitoring of processes



  • Managed Services
    • Our MASCOT framework for Total IT Outsourcing provides assured service levels
    • Ensures our full accountability by eliminating client dependencies
    • Offers continous improvement at a predictable price



  • Customer Value Portal
    • Web interface for all value-added ideation with customers
    • A council facilitates value co-creation through transformation and innovation


Change the Business

  • Application Development Excellence – ADeX- In-a-Box
    • In-house assembly line processes for design, development, testing, reporting factories
    • Best-in-class development processes, methodologies (ranging from waterfall to Agile/SCRUM)
    • Benchmark  Tools and Reference Architectures
    • OMS that delivery what we promise
  • SOA-based Enterprise Discovery Framework
    • Integrated View of business processes, application services, and IT infrastructure


  • Application Portfolio Optimization (APO)
    • Prizm - In-house tool maps landscape of application portfolios
      • Impact of changes are also analyzed with the tool



  • Biz-aligned IT
    • Vertical Domain based Framework / Solutions for Business and IT Alignment


Cross Functional Services

  • Collaborative Governance
    • Structured approach through a Pyramid Program to strengthen engagements
    • Executive commitment through interacting on joint business forums
    • Dedicated PMO for engagement governance
    • Prime Focus on Customer Satisfaction
      • HCL Cares automated project level client feedback
      • Independent surveys also conducted with overall account client stakeholders
    • Multi-Vendor Governance


  • Flexible Commercial Models
    • Dedicated/Shared Delivery Centers
    • Onsite, near-shore, offshore facilities
    • Flexible Pricing (Fixed /T&M, Application/Incident/User/Outcome Based, Risk-Reward Sharing)



  • Tools
    • PM Smart - In-house Project / Program Management Tool
      • Covers various stages from due diligence, transition, up to execution
      • Customizable, with integrated BI
      • Tool set can also be used for managing tickets
    • BU Toolkit - In-house Enabling Tools
      • Internal support web based applications
      • Portals to provide information (e.g. My Projects Portals, My Operational Info)
      • Automated work flows for transactions (e.g. Travel Authorization, Capital Expenditure)


Kontaktieren Sie uns

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

Was Kunden sagen

"Wir sehen uns in unserer Branche zwei großen Herausforderungen gegenüber. Erstens müssen wir unsere IT-Kostenstruktur erheblich einschränken, damit sie sich den abnehmenden Einnahmen unseres Druckbetriebs anpassen. Zweitens müssen wir unser digitales Produktportfolio neu beleben, damit es den raschen Wandel unseres Geschäfts widerspiegelt. Wir haben HCL im März 2011 hinzugezogen und sehen bereits erheblich Ergebnisse. Wir haben unser eigenes Personal um 30 % reduziert, wodurch wir die IT-Betriebskosten um mehr als 20 % senken konnten. Außerdem spielt HCL eine wichtige Rolle bei der Entwicklung mehrerer neuer Produkte. Dadurch konnten wir die Qualität unserer digitalen Produkte steigern und die Kosten senken."

- CTO, wohlbekanntes Druck- und interaktives Marketingunternehmen in den USA