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Autonomics and Orchestration


IT challenges for the 21st Century Enterprise

21st Century Enterprises are busy transforming themselves at every level, to provide unified experiences to their consumers, partners and employees. If experience is the end goal, then it is important the technology not only supports all functions but also binds all the various micro-services that make up the eventual experience while eliminating waste and creating a lean enterprise. This is no mean task, and is one of the reasons why IT process automation is taking center stage today.

Push Button Experiences

Today, there is a lot of market buzz about AI platforms that promise to radically transform the way business is run. As exciting as it may sound initially, in the real world, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing are just expensive technologies that achieve little in terms of actually powering 21st Century Enterprise requirements. HCL's approach to automation is one that combines the power of the world's most powerful supercomputer technologies and some truly innovative automation solutions, with our Service Integration platform, for true IT Process Orchestration. Imagine if businesses could “orchestrate” unique experiences by the push of a button – and that is what the combined power of Analytics, Automation and Orchestration enables.

Introducing DRYiCE™

DRYiCE™ is HCL’s proprietary platform which leverages a reference architecture of deep automation and process transformation to set up a journey targeting the simultaneous reduction of workload through automation and the creation of process agility in IT through orchestration. Autonomics is at the core of Next Gen Ops across IT, Digital & IOT and DRYiCE™ provides the most comprehensive orchestration and automation platform available to achieve this. HCL is leveraging developments in A.I. and analytics to become the core engine of the DRYiCE™ platform – not as buzzwords but for really transforming the way IT is run.


“HCL DRYiCE™ comprises of Automation & Orchestration bonded as a single service which enables the 21st Century Enterprise to be “agile as a startup” while delivering like a “lean enterprise”.

Made up of 25+ components, DRYiCE™ consists of a well-proven monitoring layer (MTaaS), machine learning components (on proven supercomputing systems), automation modules, orchestration components, knowledge management and a reporting layer - all tied together in a pragmatic ITSM based platform - the HCL Gold Blueprint. The modular structure of DRYiCE™ means that we can deploy the right modules depending on the process maturity and requirements of the customer - while ensuring that he pays for only what he needs. Also the layered architecture ensures that customers get the benefit of an end-to-end system, while the ITSM binding ensures that the benefits or automation are aligned with actual IT processes that IT organizations understand.

The Value of Pragmatic Automation through DRYiCE™

HCL focuses on “Pragmatic Automation” balancing effectiveness against cost of implementation and ensure the highest level of automation in the most modernized zone of enterprise IT (Digital, Cloud). Components of DRYiCE™ have been implemented in more than 200 live engagements over the past couple of years and the benefits are clear: Graduated elimination of low-level IT Infrastructure Management tasks, an IT Infrastructure that learns and heals, true end-to-end automation of IT processes, consistent IT service quality, cost reduction across the board and real, practical push-button business orchestration.

Is DRYiCE™ right for me?

The Pragmatic approach of DRYiCE™ implementations ensures that we establish the foundation IT systems to make your Enterprise IT “Automation Ready”. And the modular architecture ensures that the right components are deployed at the right time and place, to ensure real-world benefits without any risk of performance loss. No matter what your IT maturity is today, our DRYiCE™ architects will ensure that the right automation solutions are built-out for you to maximize elimination of low-level tasks leaving humans to do what they do best -  Think.

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DryICE: Autonomics & Orchestration
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.