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Chemical and process Industries

White Paper

Next Gen Digital Solutions
Customer centric Next Gen Digital Solutions for Process and Chemical Industry

Digitalization has led to heightened customer expectations, resulting in B2B companies trying to replicate the seamless B2C buying experience. HCL recommends a holistic digital model that enables companies to maximize their return on digital investments. The solution lies in a unified approach that encompasses customer expectations, emerging business requirements, and a scalable IT infrastructure.




HCL has a two-decade long experience of partnering with firms, to help them achieve unparalleled operational excellence and financial stability in their materials and manufacturing processes. At HCL, we combine our IT, engineering, and business services capabilities to deliver solutions that rationalize and simplify process manufacturing. We facilitate the overall operational management by bolstering activities as diverse as cloud strategies, asset management, and Big Data analytics.


What keeps you up at night?

The chemical and manufacturing process industry is in a constant state of flux, due to a record number of mergers and acquisitions over the last decade—further compounded by the recent economic downturn. In the face of growing complexity and decreasing demand, enterprises need to embrace lean materials and manufacturing processes in order to lower their operational costs. The need of the hour is a complete overhaul—a thorough process re-engineering of the organizational application portfolio, to ensure greater flexibility and speed while meet the demands of stakeholders.

Restoring and maintaining enterprise value in this industry depends on several key levers, such as:

  • competitive cost
  • operational agility involving a flexible supply chain
  • enhanced customer reach with a focus on the more profitable segments
  • collaboration to enable accelerated response for innovative product offerings
  • reinforcing stakeholders’ confidence - re-engaging with internal talent
  • identifying and exposing risks through enhanced reporting and regulatory environments
  • simplifying operating environments, and enabling greater access to real-time information through multiple channels

Why should you consider HCL?

Here’s the reason why, for 20 years, more than 30 customers across all segments have trusted HCL to help them drive tangible business results:

  • Key to Competitiveness: At HCL, we perpetually strive to create industry-specific solutions in asset monetization, portfolio rationalization, demand-to-operations visibility, materials and manufacturing processes, and operational analytics, to provide a competitive edge to our customers. Our Digital Systems Integration (DSI) value proposition is one of the most recognized industry solutions for driving customers towards growth. HCL’s approach towards consultation is particular to the industry and has resulted in driving down global operational expenses for customers through differentiators like operation visibility dashboard and enterprise performance analytics.
  • Return on Investment: Through HCL’s industry-specific service and solution accelerators, clients can align their IT with materials and manufacturing processes. This leads to optimizing operations, achieving end-to-end visibility in the supply chain, driving up revenue by ameliorating customer experience, leveraging best practices and methodologies, and developing niche technologies and processes.
  • Varied Range of Solutions: HCL offers a diverse range of solutions for materials and manufacturing processes, customized to meet the clients’ requirements, across market segments. We also have a long-standing experience in implementing standard and customized packages for supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), product life cycle management (PLM), and service management solutions.
  • Business Line Driven Approach: We have delivered successful business intelligence and manufacturing process management projects for companies across the globe, including implementations for commercial functions, sales and marketing, finance (FP&A), engineering, logistics/transportation, supply chain process, procurement, and human resources.
  • Access to the Latest Technologies: HCL is one of the largest information and computing technology manufacturing organizations in the country, with decades of experience in improving materials and manufacturing processes and in the process manufacturing industry.
  • Innovative Solutions: HCL solutions are in sync with emerging disruptive technologies—mobile, wireless, Big Data and cloud computing—and help utilize them to the hilt. This makes possible predictive maintenance for lean manufacturing, and predictive pricing for inventory procurement.
  • Proven Integration Experience: HCL acts as trusted process consultants for core enterprise applications and process manufacturing execution systems/mill process automation software like OSISoft PI, Wonderware, SAP MII.
  • Infrastructure & Architecture Driven Approach: HCL enables enterprise technology platform transformation, migration—SOA/Middleware, BPM, manufacturing process management, custom application development, security, full lifecycle mainframe and midrange process technology solutions (including mainframe performance management services, and re-hosting/re-platforming services).

What we can do for you

The core focus area for HCL is process manufacturing, which includes chemicals, industrial gases, agribusiness, metals, construction materials, and paper, pulp and packaging. We present a comprehensive range of offerings targeted at material and manufacturing processes, comprising application, infrastructure, business outsourcing, and engineering services, to our clients.

At an enterprise level, HCL helps in manufacturing process management of customers with:

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White Paper

Next Gen Digital Solutions
Customer centric Next Gen Digital Solutions for Process and Chemical Industry

Case Studies

IT Transformation for a Chemical Company
IT Transformation for a Chemical Company
Global Application Transformation for Chemical Manufacturers
Global Application Transformation for Chemical Manufacturers


Process Manufacturing industries
Process Manufacturing industries
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.