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Mainframes and AS/400


Mainframes and AS/400 remain a strategic asset for several organizations. Mainframes do come with their challenges in the modern computing environment. The main challenges include lack of agility, cost and skill shortage. Mainframes have to be scalable in times of rapid growth and peak load. Some companies feel that maintaining mainframes is an expensive affair. With cloud-based services emerging, the initial capital investment in mainframe can prove costly. Moreover with increasing regulatory requirements business continuity becomes a pain-point. The industry also witnesses a shortage of new generation mainframe technicians. However mainframes remain the benchmark of reliability and security and organizations depend on them for heavy-duty data processing.

HCL’s Mainframe Services have been built to provide a partnership to customers who aim at leveraging their resources. We can boast of a combination of mainframe skill expertise and operational excellence. We guarantee robust governance of the mainframes and continuous improvement of the processes. Further, we work closely with industry leaders to integrate the right mix of software and people in order to achieve optimal performance. By opting for our Mainframes services, organizations will benefit from reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), increased responsiveness with utility provisioning, minimized risk and greater operational efficiency, enhanced service levels, risk management and efficiency.

HCL Tech provides AS/400 iSeries maintenance services. AS/400 is a midrange family IBM server which works on the IBM Operating System. Our AS/400 (Power System for IBM i) practice is well-established with skilled system admin resources managing complex and highly regulated AS/400 environments for multiple customers across verticals such as pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, logistics, media and entertainment, banking, finance & insurance etc. We offer our customers a reliable application server ensuring advanced compatibility, low maintenance costs, scalable software and hardware, high availability, adaptability to a wide variety of third party applications and predefined ways to access data. Additionally, our services offer support to multiple operating systems which include i5/OS, Linux and AIX 5L.


AS400 Services
AS/400 Services

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Mainframe Services
Mainframe Services

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