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  • Rebuilding the Enterprise on a foundation of Artificial Intelligence

    - Kalyan Kumar B - Executive Vice President & CTO - IT Services

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    World’s most comprehensive Autonomics & Orchestration suite of products and platforms powered by the world’s best AI technology to enable enterprises to operate leaner, faster & cheaper, while ensuring superior business outcomes

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    15 leading service providers were evaluated for IT infrastructure automation solutions, HCL has emerged as a Leader and the top service provider among all IOPs

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Operating IT infrastructure in the digital age is becoming increasingly complex with the advent of cloud, digital and IoT technologies. Typical IT operations are heavily human dependent, and enterprises are facing real challenges in terms of an increasing skills gap, complex technology landscape, the crippling impact of human-induced inefficiencies and errors and a general inability of IT infrastructure to support speed, experience and scalability demands made by business.

Advancements in practical A.I. have opened up new age of tools and technologies that IT Infrastructure managers can use to alleviate some of these challenges. Imagine a future where digital assistants and smart bots, powered by machine learning, NLP, smart algorithms, predictive analytics and powerful service orchestration; all together enabling truly software defined and programmable infrastructure that not only keeps up with business demands but provides business with the power to do more than ever before.

This future is made real with the DRYiCE suite of products & platforms – the A.I. foundation for the enterprise. DRYiCE aspires to liberate the humans from the clutches of monotonous, boring and repeatable tasks, and empower them to take care of higher level tasks that focus on business value and customer experience. Cognitive virtual assistants powered by natural language processing and machine learning replace humans  and enable effective and efficient support to users, partners and employees. Smart monitoring and A.I. powered machine learning can help IT admins cut through high volumes of incidents and alerts and focus on the ones that truly have the potential to disrupt business. DRYiCETM event correlation and automation engines can take that a step further and provide real-time, machine learning powered issue resolution that can completely take humans out of the picture. By using the power of cloud automation & orchestration, DRYiCE can enable true hybrid cloud scalability for enterprises by provisioning and deprovisioning virtual servers. These are just a few examples of how DRYiCETM provides the A.I. foundation that enables digital age enterprise.

To find out how you can bring the power of A.I. to your enterprise, talk to a DRYiCE A.I. architect today.

DRYiCE Platform for IT Infrastructure Transformation:

DRYiCE AIOPS: Bring the benefits of A.I. driven Automation & Orchestration to I.T. and Business Operations

DRYiCE Products for IT Infrastructure Transformation:

DRYiCE iAutomate: Intelligent Runbook Automation solution for your enteprise

DRYiCE LUCY: Next generation human machine interface powered by IBM Watson

DRYiCE MyCloud: Enterprise-grade Cloud orchestration and management

DRYiCEXSM: Service Management for the Cloud-enabled enterprise

DRYiCE MyXalytics: Predictive Analytics powered dashboard for IT & Business managers

DRYiCE Satori: Knowledge Management powered by Machine Learning and Deep Learning