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Social Intelligence

Are you connecting with people?
Stop thinking “out-of-the-box”, Start thinking “There is NO Box"

Today people are connecting globally using an array of emerging social software applications. They are joining social communities and sharing their ideas, opinions, sentiment, and much more information using social media.

This wide adoption of social software provides the opportunity to be a proactive part of these dynamic communities.  The wide acceptance of social software is providing the capabilities to link service across B2B, B2C, and Online Solutions.  But organizations are facing various internal as well as external challenges to adopt and participate in the consumer led conversations and also tap business intelligence out of the same.

Key challenges faced by organizations are:
Condition Challenges and Risks
Islands of solutions and knowledge
  • Social software is often sold as a service for a monthly subscription fee.
  • Software cost and levels of services range from “Free” to thousands per month
  • One person knows how to use the new social software 
  • One or two people in a department know how to use the software
  • Little or no defined processes to share and moderate content
  • No governance or standards of practice responding to posts or engaging in social networking communities


  • Miss opportunity to share insights and trends across the organization.
  • Posting on social sites create the “wrong” image for the brand
  • Posting on social sites create legal or regulatory problems for the brand. 
Islands of analytics
Personnel using Social Analytics are not trained in DW/BI or analytics
  • No definitions of methods or expected outcomes
  • Inconsistent web queries skew results
  • Non-relevant data is used to calculate volumes, authors


  • Marketing campaign effective is not measure accurately
  • Decision made based non-relevant data 
No integration with enterprise systems
SaaS social software model is not integrated into the DW/BI ecosystem
  • Lack of data and workflow integration
  • Difficulty distributing reports to the right-person and the right-time
  • No data governance standards or security


  • Key people are not informed across the organization
  • Duplication of cost and effort for processes and technology 

HCL Social Intelligence Practice helps you tap into the emerging generation of applications to organize, market, and distribute your products and promotions. Have you ever heard “Got an App for that?”  Our solutions enable you to:

  • Grow market share across geographies
  • Optimize services and costs across marketing, sales, customer services, product research
  • Consulting, Business analyst, BPO, and KPO services provide the integration to:
  • Discover and deliver relevant information about company at the right-time
  • Listen and learn from their questions and interactions
  • Engage and respond to with customers and prospects as part of their community
  • Integrated social and marketing information back to your products and services as an online “Path-finder"

How will implementing a Social Intelligence strategy help?

  • Business to Business connections are improved linking your partners to your product and promotions
  • Fast, fun, and friendly connections link people to the right-information to drive commerce.
  • Self-organizing communities your partner network and services to customer across your value chain.
  • Improve your Digital Brand Identity Management
  • Improve marketing campaign effectiveness with faster feedback and better metrics
  • Grow revenue by linking social interactions to micro-marketing campaigns and ad syndication
  • Build brand loyalty by enabling advocates to easily contribute
  • Gather ideas to drive innovation and research
  • Enhance customer services by listening and responding quickly
  • Focused competitive intelligence

HCL Social Intelligence Integrated Services

Social Intelligence provides the integration across all your social software and digital properties:

  • Improve governance by applying industry leading standards of practices
  • Manage content across social sites, micro-sites, and communities.
    • Extend search engines, Be the “Path-finder” that connects people to relevant content
    • Tap streaming conversations and monitor the patterns with analytics models
    • Link to affinity groups via micro-marketing campaigns, to your products and promotions.
  • How does social networking and communities apply to research and development?
    • Use structured searches to gather social content and feed ideation
    • Collaborate within an interactive social network with role-based information delivery
    • Direct ideas to internal experts, researchers,  within a secure community
    • Gather metadata from user surveys, tags, scoring, and enrich text mining tools capabilities
    • Enable “food-for-thought” collaborative services to read, tag, score, and route posts to internal experts
    • Integrate gathering and collaboration with analysis process  to, share, and report content
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.