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Testing Solutions, Frameworks and Accelerators

HCL IV&VS Automation framework

HCL’s in-house developed test automation framework for regression testing works on HP-QTP test automation tool and comes with custom-made wrapper functions for SAP, Siebel, web and windows platform. It has an optional integration feature with HP-Quality Center.

Key benefits for customers:

  • 20%-30% reduction of automation test scripting time when compared to not using any automation framework.
  • Up to 20% maintenance cost reduction due to modular design by using automation design patterns. Lesser
  • Faster jumpstarts due to the rich knowledge base of ready wrapper functions (for SAP, Siebel, Web, Windows etc), reusable code, powerful templates and guidelines
  • Customized result reporting according to relevance for test management, tester and automation expert
  • Seamless integration with HP-Quality Center so that tests can continue to be managed uniformly after implementing the framework.

Siebel Business Process Test Accelerator

Siebel Business Process Testing Accelerator contains pre-built test cases and industry best practices designed to quickly and cost-effectively automate the functional testing suite. Designed specifically for the Siebel application environment, it can be applied across any industry. Also multiple “Components”, which are the basic building blocks for the solution, can be combined to automate a test scenario encompassing multiple functionalities.

Key benefits for customers:

  • Reduces Siebel implementation costs by cutting down on the functional testing cost
  • Reduces implementation cycle by cutting down on the build time for the function test suite
  • Reduces upgrade/maintenance costs by reducing modification to the existing suite
  • Enables complete functionality coverage by an exhaustive library of pre-configured components

UNIX health advisor

Unix Health Advisor is a unique tool which uses Artificial intelligence to identify the performance issues in Unix server and also provides recommendation to improve the performance of production servers.

Key benefits for customers:

  • Provides recommendations to resolve performance issues
  • Excel based tool, easy to use
  • Enables improving productivity of performance test projects

Unix Log Analyzer

Unix Log Analyzer enables the performance testers to capture the performance related data remotely for single as well as multiple clustered servers in a complex environment.

Key benefits for customers:

  • Captures performance metrics on local and remote windows and UNIX servers.
  • Consolidates the metrics and converts them into easy to decipher graphs for performance analysis.
  • Extremely easy to use through an excel based parser.

LR HTML converter

LR HTML Report generation utility automates the process of generating Load Runner HTML Word reports. It helps in minimizing the time and human efforts in creating the HTML Reports.

Key benefits for customers:

  • Automates the process of generating portable Load Runner reports in HTML
  • Facilitates  reusability of predefined templates while generating the report

Test Data Generator

Test Data Generator (TDG) is a generic tool developed by HCL to generate large volumes of custom data in a variety of formats for use in software testing.  The user has to only specify inputs like the result type, the data type, the number of data and TDG will generate the same for the user.  It has the capability to generate both valid and invalid data for testing for both positive and negative scenarios, e.g. like to test a field like Name it would generate both valid Names and invalid Names (like Names with space or special characters) based on the user’s selection.


The tool slices and dices an organization to the “ATOM” level. It helps to have a detailed view at testing fundamentals of the client organization and measures the test maturity level on a scale of 1 to 10. Based on the findings the test manager or consultant can provide recommendations to improve the processes and also define the roadmap to address the identified gaps. Since the process is very methodical the user can have a detailed view of gaps across the sub-processes of the key areas.

Cost of Quality Solution Framework

The theme is Quality – not just testing. Clients want to Reduce Cost of Quality – Testing is one part of it

HCL is transforming the way it provides testing services to clients by adopting Cost of Quality approach to measure and improve COQ as the single most important parameter.

HCL feels that Cost of Quality driven approach will be the core proposition to meet the business needs. The key to the success is Early Defect Detection, Reduction in Failure cost (Internal failure and External failure), effective Review and inspection will reduce the development and testing cost which is deduced post due diligence of existing processes etc. This coupled with effective testing will reduce the Application production and maintenance cost.

Driving down COQ to an optimal level will enable client to strike the right balance between Quality and Cost. Even if we look at QA activities to be pure cost, the true value from QA is not derived solely by the act of performing testing, but as importantly from the continuous feedback it provides to the upstream SDLC phases that in turn results in a reduced failure cost (and hence, reduced testing effort over time), thereby reducing the overall COQ.

To determine the cost of quality for an organization, HCL has launched the COQ Micro site, by the objective to provide information and details regarding HCL COQ solution framework.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.