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Configuration Management Consulting Services

Business-as-Usual (BAU) budgets of many organizations were under considerable strain during slump and ever demanding business to deliver more with less.

  • Do you have a standardized Configuration Management processes?
  • Is there coordination between organizational groups?
  • Do you have effective processes and Change Advisory Board (CAB)?
  • Do you have effective and efficient tools to manage Configuration & Change Management?
  • Do you have integration between processes and tools?
  • Are your build processes automated?
  • Do you follow effective impact analysis?
Organizations with right configuration management process hit each of the product development and lifecycle targets that drives product profitability. These targets include product quality, launch dates, development cost, product cost, revenue and product lifecycle costs

Software Configuration and Release Management (SCRM)

  • “An efficient change process can cut up to 33% off the typical product development cycle time” – McKinsey & Company
  • “80% of outages are due to people and process, and of those at least 50% are due to integration handoff issues across change, configuration and release” – Gartner
  • “54% of companies lack a single repository to review, analyze, approve and track changes and configurations across products and applications“ – Gartner
  • “Companies now recognize that better change & Configuration processes can deliver top-line benefits...and are therefore developing change management with an eye towards improving speed to market” – Aberdeen Group

Software Configuration and Release Management (SCRM) is a focused offering from HCL that can bring measureable efficiencies to an organization.

SCRM consulting group helps organizations worldwide improve their operational efficiencies by reducing time to market, freeing up developer time, reducing point of failures and improving overall business satisfaction with IT.

HCL makes Insurance Major realize that Source code is at the heart of their business and improving SCRM practices leads to 15% improvement in effort reduction and 10% improvement in productivity of development and support teams.

SCRM consulting group provides process and tools consulting in the SCRM space in addition to provision of managed services from cost effective locations.

HCL's SCRM service offerings

SCRM services key differentiators include:

  • Management of Change request to Production lifecycle.
  • CM TaSS (Configuration Management Tool as Shared Service) platform for Managed Services that can integrate with multiple tools.
  • SPEAR™ - SCRM Consulting methodology.
  • Leveraging Multi-model best practices – CMMI®, ITIL®, IEEE, Agile and Lean.
  • Enabling organization implement Agile through continuous integration.
  • Expertise on building variety of tools interfaces and seamless repository migrations.
  • Industry standard SCM tool certified consultants with hands-on domain experience.
  • Partnership with industry leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, Serena and Collabnet.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.