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Application Portfolio Optimization

Within the changing business scenarios, IT applications and assets are getting more and more pivotal for the maximized business performance of an organization. The growing importance of IT applications and infrastructure has pushed the organizations to lookout for ways to optimize their IT portfolio. Application Portfolio Optimization (APO) services at HCL follow a structured approach to optimize the IT applications and assets of the customer organization.

Our Application Portfolio Optimization (APO) services help our customers to reduce their maintenance and development lifecycle costs and improve technology investment decisions. Our Application Portfolio outsourcing services offer perform suitability health check of applications, identify and develop mitigation plan, estimate cost reductions through complete financial analysis, and identify develop program and knowledge transition plan.

Business Benefits

HCL’s unique APO methodology and services help you attain:
  • Reduced development and maintenance costs, avoidance of cost on unnecessary applications and projects
  • Availability of core technology skills
  • Improved quality of service, effective governance through visibility dashboard
  • Tools to enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Lean and well integrated applications portfolio
  • Stable and reliable Applications normalized on Function, Technical and Management quality
  • Reduced time-to-market and time-to-customer

HCL Methodology

HCL's proprietary APO methodology has been developed based on the experience derived from working with large customers having complex IT architectures. APO evaluates applications on a comprehensive set of intrinsic characteristics like Functional Quality (FQ), Technical Quality (TQ), Management Quality (MQ), scalability, modularity, and stability rather than looking at applications as a static inventory of programs, objects and files. Such rigorous analysis helps in classifying the applications into categories like healthy, must-go, and needs technical or functional improvements.

APO Evaluation of Applications - HCL Tech


PRISMTM HCL's APO tool is an in-house web-based tool that helps reduce subjectivity and aids in consistency, and in logical decision-making.

HCL Differentiators

HCL's APO strategy has the following key components which make it a comprehensive offering.

  • IT Sourcing Strategy
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Application Portfolio Consolidation

Representative Engagement

IT Sourcing Strategy

The focus for HCL's IT Sourcing Strategy (Figure) service is to assist customers in identifying and prioritizing applications within their portfolio that can be outsourced, to reduce cost of application management, improve efficiency, and enable customer focus on core tasks.

IT Sourcing Strategy - HCL Tech

HCL's outsourcing readiness assessment is a combination of qualitative analysis and statistical modeling of various parameters and characteristics like business criticality, technology complexity, and application stability, to significantly reduce the subjectivity of the recommendations.

Representative Engagement

Application Portfolio Management

HCL's Application Portfolio Management (APM) service offering audits customer's applications in relation to business goals and develops a plan that better aligns applications with business needs and objectives. HCL leverages a tool based approach through partnerships and in-house tools to achieve the following for the customer:

  • Creates a customized portfolio strategy designed to drive business value
  • Optimizes enterprise portfolios by identifying underutilized, redundant and obsolete applications
  • Helps reduce maintenance and support costs and improve IT investment decisions
  • Builds action steps for transformation of the application portfolio to the next generation of IT technology

The result is a finely tuned portfolio that makes the most of the existing systems and incorporates new functionality to fill requirement gaps.

HCL's APM offering follows a 3 step-approach (Figure) with quick-wins and future sustainability:

  • Assess — Application Portfolio Assessment for identifying opportunities
  • Optimize — Implement Optimization initiatives
  • Govern — Deploy APM solution for continuous governance

Application Portfolio Management - HCL Tech

Application Portfolio Consolidation

HCL assists customer in identifying applications within their portfolio which can be considered for consolidation and thus reducing the costs of application management and improving the efficiency. HCL has developed a comprehensive approach for Application Portfolio Consolidation. The approach evaluates business-driven application requirements of the entity as a whole, maps them with analysis of cumulative application portfolio, and identifies potential sequences of transformations to realize fast and scalable IT integration.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.