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Professional Services

The Professional Services Industry needs IT Solutions that are tailored to the exact standards, processes, and challenges that are crucial to meeting the very specific needs of their customers.

Professional Services organizations face a number of challenges:

  • Continued globalization- As the world becomes a smaller place; new competitors enter the market with access to different resource pools and cost bases. As a result, services organizations need to be both protective in their core market and aggressive into new markets. Customers are increasingly global, demanding their services organizations to offer a reach that matches their own.
  • Resource constraints- Attracting, retaining and developing personnel are all key to any services organization. Resources are increasingly mobile and more demanding, requiring services organizations to be flexible and proactive in the way they address their needs. Furthermore, services organizations need to match demand and supply with the right resources at the right place at the right time at the right cost.
  • Margin pressures- As the economic cycle goes around and access to low cost offshore resources increases, services organizations are being required to do more with less. This requires a tight focus on operating costs, driving the demand to remove all non-essential back office costs out of the business.
  • Complex commercial arrangements with increased transference of risk- As customers have become more experienced in the procurement of services, the level of risk they are seeking to transfer to the services organization is increasing. Furthermore, customers are moving towards contracting for outcomes, rather than individual services. This increased transference of risk demands tight management controls over all aspects of the engagement, from proposal through to delivery.
To overcome these challenges Professional Services companies require deep process and technology expertise. HCL will work with you ensuring you have the expertise to transform these challenges into opportunities.

HCL has been partnering with Professional Services organizations for over ten years. HCL supports our clients growth and expansion plans, improves operational effectiveness and delivery excellence. As a global business transformation partner, HCL Enterprise application services offers a combination of both broad and deep capabilities, ideally suited to helping services organizations define and execute their strategy.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

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"HCL hat mit wichtigen Siegen zum Erfolg von Microsofts CRM wesentlich beigetragen. Ihre Investitionen in Personal führten zu verbesserten Produktkenntnissen und Qualitätsimplementierungen und haben Kunden von Microsoft bessere Dienstleistungen bereitgestellt."

- Microsoft, zur Verleihung der Microsoft-Auszeichnung "2011 CRM Partner of the Year" an HCL