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HCL AXON’s track record in Utilities

HCL AXON has the longest and most consistent track record of successfully delivering best practice customer billing, enterprise asset management and back office solutions for regulated and de-regulated utilities organizations across the world.

HCL AXON delivers best practice solutions to address the growing number of business challenges facing utility organizations:

  • Contact center inefficiency
  • Reduced marketing effectiveness
  • Contact center inefficiency
  • Reduced marketing effectiveness
  • Reduced operational efficiency
  • Reduced field force effectiveness
  • Revenue leakage
  • Reduced collections effectiveness and increased bad debt costs
  • Limited web and IVR self-service capabilities
  • Customer defection and churn
  • Increased system development and support costs
  • Reduced management effectiveness
  • Emerging Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI)/Smart Grid technologies and related DOE/regulatory/legislative orders

"We chose AXON as their team gave us the best opportunity to realize the true business transformation we were looking for at the lowest possible risk. In just one year AXON delivered an integrated, enterprise-wide system across our whole business enabling us to build upon our transformation goals."

Steve Halloran, NextGen Project Director, Aquarion Water Company

HCL AXON has worked with utilities organizations across the globe to both understand the levers that control the delivery of these objectives and to optimize these seemingly contradictory demands. We partner with our customers to deliver quantifiable benefits and outcomes.

Over the course of numerous utilities engagements, HCL AXON has successfully deployed SAP's industry Solution for Utilities (SAP IS-U), SAP CRM, and partner products to address all of these issues enabling our clients to realize both significant performance improvements and associated cost reductions. We are members of the SAP Lighthouse Council actively working with the SAP, the utility members and other industry vendors on the direction and validation of the utility related content on upcoming enhancement packages. We are also recognized by SAP as one of the most experienced IS-U CCS implementation partners globally. HCL AXON was one of the first partners to implement the SAP industry solution for Utilities (SAP IS-U) and have implemented SAP for more utilities that anyother partner.

Our intense industry focus has allowed us to develop templates, accelerators and unique business solutions which have been shown to significantly accelerate SAP implementations within the utilities industry while reducing project costs and risks. Examples of these tools and solutions include:
  • HCL AXON's Pre-Configured Utilities Solution
  • HCL AXON's Benefits Realization Approach
  • HCL AXON's Utilities Best Practice Process Framework
  • HCL AXON's Utilities KPI Framework

HCL AXON has unparalleled experience in implementing SAP in Utilities, specifically:
  • We have successfully implemented over 35 SAP Utilities implementations within timescales that are convincingly shorter than industry norms
  • We have successfully implemented the SAP Utilities solution in organizations with customer bases as small as 40 000 to organizations with customer bases in excess of 2 million.
  • We have delivered more US SAP Utilities implementations than any other partner
  • Our consultants have participated in over 85 SAP Utilities implementations
  • We were prime contractor for 2 of the 6 worldwide pilots of SAP's Industry Solution for Utilities (IS-U)
  • We developed and implemented the first SAP deregulated billing solution in the world
  • We delivered the first combined IS Public Sector and IS Utilities implementation globally
  • We implemented the first SAP Utility Mobile Asset Management solution in the US
  • We were actively involved in one of the first ever fully integrated SAP implementations in the Utility Industry globally
  • Co-innovatingwith SAP to build mCEM - Interactive web application to bring together consumption data with financial data to drive consumer behavior
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

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"HCL hat mit wichtigen Siegen zum Erfolg von Microsofts CRM wesentlich beigetragen. Ihre Investitionen in Personal führten zu verbesserten Produktkenntnissen und Qualitätsimplementierungen und haben Kunden von Microsoft bessere Dienstleistungen bereitgestellt."

- Microsoft, zur Verleihung der Microsoft-Auszeichnung "2011 CRM Partner of the Year" an HCL