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HCL Enterprise Application Services (EAS) Products Group sells a range of fantastic ERP add-on products and solutions that provide industry-specific enhancements to SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Business Solutions to improve user productivity and replace expensive interfaces or enhancements built by customers. As winners of many awards including the SAP Pinnacle co-innovation award in 2009, we are a valued ERP software partner, complementing our global SAP services partnership status and more than 2000 successfully delivered ERP transformation programs.

HCL EAS products provide industry-specific solutions for companies using SAP, Oracle or Microsoft ERP systems that are easy to use and deploy. These solutions often meet requirements not addressed out of the box by the major ERP vendors, or they improve on the ERP offerings by enhancing usability, acceptance, and lowering cost of ownership. Our add-on products make ERP offerings more competitive with “best of breed” offerings, allowing our customers to benefit from the integration and scalability of major ERP systems with the usability of smaller industry specific or niche offerings.

HCL EAS products are built using the ERP vendor technology, such as SAP NetWeaver/Sybase or Microsoft Dynamics XRM. Coupled with the extensive experience of our architects from around 2000 ERP implementations, integration to the ERP platform and mobility using a variety of devices is designed into the foundation of our products, not added on as an after-thought. Many of our key products are also designed for implementation not just by HCL EAS, but by certified partners. For example we have several certified implementation partners for iMRO. This is because HCL Products Group is a separate business unit within HCL EAS which itself is a subsidiary of HCL Technologies, targeting a greater ERP ecosystem market share for our products than we can achieve as a system’s integrator. This is a similar model to the ERP vendors.

What’s important to us

  • Intellectual property and add-on solutions are a key differentiator for HCL vs. other systems integrators
  • All our products are compliant with relevant ERP vendor certification standards and integration technology
  • We only work with key customers and in our core industry verticals
  • All our products improve user experience, mobility and productivity. they provide solutions to “white-spaces” which are being addressed today by each client through third party bolt-ons or custom developments

We sell a range of industry specific solutions, preconfigured rapid-deployment implementation templates, smart tools and software-as-a-service offerings.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.