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Food Safety Analytics Portal

Industry Challenge

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) organizations especially in the food and beverage industry have increasingly complex and geographically spread supply chains crossing multiple entities and IT systems. With such disconnected systems it is increasing challenging for CPG organizations to report compliance and safety data to regulatory authorities, provide traceability data on labels, manage product recalls and identify contaminated sources looking upstream/downstream and for related products.

Product Summary

Food Safety Analytics Portal (FSAP) is HCL Enterprises Application Services Oracle based traceability solution for CPG. CPG organizations have numerous transaction systems across their supply chains, from farm to plate. FSAP sits above these systems and extracts key information about safety and traceability, presented to the user in flexible dashboard views. This analytics tool includes the following:

  • Product Recall Analytics – built using Oracle OBIEE
  • Compliance Analytics – built using Oracle GRC
  • Portal – built using Oracle ADF.
FSAP contains the following layers:
  • Food Safety Analytics recall dashboard
  • Food Safety Analytics compliance dashboard
  • Food Safety Analytics traceable data upload console.


  • Reduction in time to report to regulatory authorities on regulatory traceability requirement standards. This is because many CPG supply chain systems in use today lack reporting and traceability; or they have poor integration capabilities. FSAP automates these activities, allowing reports to be delivered faster and with less effort. Examples of some regulatory standards include:
    • Compliance with FDA, PTI, GS1 FSIS Directive 8080.1
    • EU Regulation 178/2002 on food law
    • Regulations (FDA; EU)
    • Industry Guidelines (PTI; GMA; GS1)
  • Reduction in time taken to complete product labeling throughout the supply chain cycle. Labeling processes and standards can be complex to manage
  • Cost savings for any product recalls. FSAP makes management of recalls easier and more effective through:
    • Knowing exactly which items came from which ingredients and food lots, so you can reduce the number of items to recall
    • Helping communications and disaster management teams with accurate information on Food Safety. This gives you more confidence in the data
  • Rapid identification of contamination source. FSAP can trace end items back to any contaminated source such as:This allows you to quickly identify the contaminated product from either downstream supply chain customer locations or upstream supplier and processing plant and farm locations
    • Source related - Farm; Production;
    • Process related - Transportation; DC
  • Rapidly locate related contaminations. FSAP can trace related products at all points in the supply chain.

Technical Summary

  • CPG and Pharma sectors
  • FSAP provides the feature for “Tracking & Tracing” traceable food components
  • FSAP enables the primary owner to identify quickly the items that needs to be recalled, the location from where it needs to be recalled
  • FSAP also enables tracking forward those goods that should not further move up the supply chain and thus preventing valuable recall expenses and time
  • FSAP enables CPG partners to generate compliance reports that needs to be sent to FDA and other regulatory agencies
  • FSAP is transaction system -independent and can be housed on any system that is GS1 compliant
  • FSAP Release 1.0 is due Q4 2010. It is currently in development with launch customer(s).

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.