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iMRO for Rail at a glance

HCL Enterprise Application Service’s iMRO®, a maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) solution endorsed by SAP AG, was previously available for use by organizations that maintain complex, expensive and regulated assets such as in the airlines, aerospace and defence industries. 

iMRO for Rail is now available as a solution endorsed by SAP. When used together with the SAP® Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) solution, enhances operations for the rail industry and integrated lifecycle management for linear assets, rolling stock and road vehicles. iMRO for Rail was developed to improve productivity and planner visibility and reduce variations encountered between planning and rail operations, allowing higher asset utilizations to be realized for large and small railways, manufacturers and third-party MRO providers. The native and prebuilt integration of the iMRO solution, now certified by SAP for integration with SAP solutions, reduces time to implement, risks, cost of support and cost of custom development. 

Significant improvements in visualization and usability as well as rail-specific functionality incorporating electronic work instructions, induction, inspection and planning workbenches, mobility, technical document integration, modification management, component sourcing and swaps, network viewer and preconfigured analytics can be realized by deploying HCL EAS’s iMRO for Rail in combination with SAP EAM. 

iMRO is supported by HCL EAS’s ReadyForRail Framework, encompassing accelerators such as rail process models, benefits-dependency maps, rail-asset cost models, user guides and rail-specific dashboards for speeding up deployments and increasing the value of such investments in SAP solutions.

Why SAP EAM and iMRO for Rail?

  • Comprehensive Rail Asset Management Solution
    • SAP delivers a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management solution. iMRO is enhancing the solution for the Rail industry
    • The combined solution enables Rail industry standards across key MRO processes and integrated lifecycle management of rolling stock and linear assets
    • Native and pre-built integration of the SAP certified iMRO extension reduces time to implement, risks, cost of support, and cost of custom development
  • Focused on rail industry benefits
    • Rail specific development, leveraging SAP standard software, with built-in industry best practices and accelerators to speed up implementation and configuration
    • HCL is a leader in outcome-based pricing and benefits-led implementations, supported by a rail benefits dependency map and asset cost models
  • Qualified rail asset management capabilities
    • SAP is the leading solution provider in the Rail industry
    • HCL is the global leader in SAP in the Rail industry and selected by SAP based on it’s experience globally in over 90 MRO projects

What advantages and benefits does it provide for?

  • Finance & Asset Inventory
    • Reduction of capital tied up in inventory
    • Better utilization of resources
  • Human Resources
    • Workforce management functionalities to allow capacity planning based on skills
  • Engineering & Maintenance
    • Improved asset identification and localization with linear information
  • Customer Service
    • Higher performance in partner agreements
  • Authority
    • Control in compliance of regulatory inspection
  • Industry
    • Fulfilment of industry requirements
  • Track Supervision
    • Visibility of work to be done and tools for day-to-day planning
  • Data Warehouse & Analytics
    • Visibility of maintenance activities to plan track windows
    • Reduction of interruptions in train operations


HCL EAS began cooperating with SAP on development of iMRO for the aerospace industry in 2008. 

It extended that cooperation last year, when HCL began pioneering the new iMRO for Rail solution to deliver a knowledge-based asset management platform to help ensure rail asset availability within efficient cost structures. 

During these latest development efforts, HCL tapped into its vast experience in globally implementing over 90 MRO and asset management projects with strong experience supporting SAP solutions for use in railway environments. 

HCL EAS, together with SAP, represents a first-class team in the development, delivery and support of business applications for rail asset management and MRO.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.