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RunSmart tool is used to streamline the operations of SAP Systems in production environment. It automates the underlying operation processes which typically translate to a reduction in overall maintenance costs and increase in operations team’s efficiency.

The Operations Management Workbench provides the following tools with various features:

  • SAP Monitoring and Control Tools which are used for monitoring critical system parameters as well as doing a root cause analysis if any parameter exceeds predefined threshold limits
  • SAP Preventive Maintenance Tools are used to anticipate errors that might occur in the future and therefore proactively take measures to prevent them
  • Reactive Maintenance Tools are used to analyze errors, their frequencies etc. so that measure can be taken to minimize further errors
  • Development Tools are used for Test Management, Change Management and certain other developer specific tools which can be used for analyzing logic and structure of programs etc.
  • Routine maintenance and Security Tools are used for User Maintenance and automated routine maintenance tools

HCL Axon SAP Operations Management Workbench

The “SAP Monitoring and Control System” is the core tool which is used to monitor all critical system parameters of various satellite systems from a central location. The tool collects information over a period of time and uses statistical process control to determine if the parameter is stable or not. Since the trend is available over a period of time it can also be used for capacity planning. Also it can correlate different parameters that have been captured over a period of time to determine root cause analysis.

SAP Monitoring and Control Systems - HCL Tech

Within the RunSmart tool we have an exclusive portfolio for SAP Performance Optimization. One of the most important tools within this portfolio is the Automated Code Optimization tool. This tool enables SAP application optimization by:

  • Benchmarking performance and provides recommendations in various system areas
  • It includes approx. 95 % of development best practices
  • Highlights areas that lack standardization

It is also capable of providing system resources consumption and workload distribution details enabling right prioritization of efforts and limited resources.

Automated Code Optimization Result Screen

How does RunSmart tool benefit a SAP operations management?

RunSmart Benefits for a SAP ops management

Tools Features Benefits
Maintenance and Monitoring of Application Server and Database
  1. Up to 20% reduction in maintenance efforts due to automated monitoring of critical system parameters
  2. Improved user productivity by ensuring improvement in system uptime by up to 5%
Defect Prevention and Synchronization across Landscape
  1. Up to 15% reduction in number of Incidents and defects by proactively preventing them
Root Cause Analysis
  1. Up to 5% improvement in system availability as potential issues are better identified and rectified
Development Accelerators
  1. Up to 10% Savings in Enhancement efforts
Performance Optimization
  1. 15-25 % reduction in development efforts
  2. Zero defects in code quality
  3. Leads to significant reduction (25 – 30%) in consumption of system resources
  4. Results in improved user productivity

Technical Facts

Product Name RunSmart
Market Customers who are in running their business in any version of SAP R/3 or SAP ERP and are looking for a reduction in the total cost of maintenance
  1. Increased reliability of SAP systems
  2. Increase in response time
  3. Lower cost of maintenance which reduces the TCO
  4. Savings in terms of system resources
  5. Enhanced productivity of end users
Development Plan HCL’s Global Product Center, monitors industry requirements and trends and is focused on incorporation of best practices in RunSmart tool
Platform & Hardware
  1. Developed for execution on all versions of SAP till the latest version SAP ERP 6.0
  2. Runs on any database, operating system & hardware supported by SAP
  3. No additional requirement of system resources
  1. Current release of RunSmart is version 2
  2. HCL uses RunSmart tool is managing most of its current ASM engagements


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.