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ReadytoRetail – A Retail Management Solution

The Situation Today

SAP for Retail implementation has always been a challenge, considering the various sizes of retailer organizations and their areas of specialty. One size doesn't fit all and therefore the need for a very specialized implementation service for retail micro-verticals. HCL has developed ReadytoRetail, a pre-configured template, to meet an individual retail company’s need while leveraging SAP's best practices and HCL’s domain expertise/experience of working with multiple small, medium and large retailers across the globe. While more retail micro-verticals are being brought under this template - apparel, footwear, food and grocery are some that are currently available.

How HCL Can Help

ReadytoRetail leverages HCL’s best-of-breed solution frameworks and IPs to bring in the best practices in services, applications and hardware, and delivers the mySAP implementation in your organization in a shorter time and with the minimum risk. ReadytoRetail contains the following retail management solutions:

  • Loyalty Management– "Connect": This is one of the many domain IPs that we have built over time. It is a framework which can be easily integrated with the SAP Retail solution to provide the full advantage of a complete end-to-end retail solution from the customer loyalty management perspective.

  • Wireless Framework: Retailers today are deploying technology to become faster, more efficient and more accurate - deriving tremendous business value from such initiatives. HCL’s wireless framework gives retailers and manufacturers access to a mobile order taking system (Quick Service Restaurant), mobile stock taking system (physical inventory in warehouse) or a full-fledged mobile Point of Sale application.

  • Analytics+: HCL is developing a micro-vertical specific, configurable KPI-driven analytics dashboard which will not only do sophisticated analysis and drill-down but also simulate various scenarios and initiate action from the dashboard itself. HCL is developing this solution by integrating SAP BI and BO capabilities.

  • Data Archival Framework: Historical data is crucial for retailers but often is a nightmare to manage. Volume grows exponentially over the years into multi terabytes and system performance gets slower. Without a proper data archival framework and strategy, business can run into multiple risks. HCL’s ROI driven data archival framework delivers a well-defined strategy which justifies the investment in it.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.