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HCL Enterprise Application Services (EAS)’s ReadyforChem is a pre-configured All-in-One Chemical solution specifically designed for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) to gain the power of mySAP business processes quickly with prepackaged solutions tailored to unique business needs. The pre-configured solution provides all required peripherals like services, hardware and infrastructure to enable an end-to-end mySAP installation within the organization.

Built upon SAP Chemicals’ best practices and Building Block/Business Configuration Sets, HCL EAS’s ReadyforChem pack offers pre-configured business processes with all the necessary supporting documentation (installation guides, configuration guides, BPP’s) and training.

ReadyforChem is suitable for Batch Oriented Flow Manufacturing, Continuous Flow Manufacturing and Repetitive Manufacturing environments. It supports the basic functions of a company like financial and cost accounting, purchasing and inventory management, production planning, plant maintenance, sales and distribution and inventory management.

HCL EAS’s ReadyforChem solution provides some of the chemical industry’s specific processes like:

  • Batch Management processes from raw material to finished goods stage enabling the tracking of material throughout the Value Chain
  • Product Costing for products, co-products, by-products, etc. taking into account cost components (like utilities, raw materials, packaging materials, etc.)
  • Pre-developed reports and layouts, both from the Chemical Industry and regulatory requirements
  • Production Planning covering sales and operations planning, materials requirement planning, process management, recipe management, flexibility for interfacing with Process Control Systems (PCS/DCS), etc. for various continuous, batch, and third-party processing scenarios
  • Supply Chain Management processes like blending, repackaging, tank trailer processing, external and internal subcontracting, product substitution, active ingredient processing, returnable packaging, samples processing, etc
  • Easy integration with the Business Intelligence, CRM, SCM and other product offerings
  • Financial and Cost accounting:
    • New GL functionality for reporting and for integration of CO with FI transactions
    • Scenarios can be used profit centre update, segment update, etc
    • Document splitting functionality to different dimension

What is Ready about ReadyforChem?

  • Ready to use re-engineering in a box: The HCL and SAP alliance assures that best practices on services, application and hardware are delivered to you to enable the business re-engineering process in a convenient pack.
  • Ready to be flexible and scalable: Boxed ERP with assured customization ensures flexibility and the power of mySAP assures high stability to address your IT demands based on your growth and business strategies.
  • Ready to implementat and to faster ROI: Proven experience and track record aligned with the best practices ensure that the mySAP implementation in your organization is done in a shorter time with reduced risks.
  • Ready to access of best practices: The strong partnership of HCL and SAP aligns you to the best in the business and assures your alliance at the best available prices. The matured association of the two partners ensures total compatibility.

What does the ReadyforChem solution consists of?

  • mySAP in a box with software, implementation, ASM support, hardware and infrastructure complete with system support and maintenance covering not just individual application or hardware, but your entire IT set-up
  • Support for industry-leading business processes from HCL EAS’s Center of Excellence and SAP Best Practices offerings
  • Support for e-business and collaboration
  • New SAP feature configurations
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.