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GamEdge: Key Benefits for Casino Operators

Built from the ground up on the latest technology and over twenty years of WMS experience, GamEdge is designed to take Patron Management to the next level. GamEdge helps solve the key issues associated with traditional casino loyalty management systems and the technology limitations of older systems.

GamEdge Benefits - HCL Tech

  • Track and Analyze Patron Spend Enterprise-wide - GamEdge integrates your entire patron spend data across all revenue centers so you can accurately track and analyze the true enterprise value of all patrons.
  • Accurately Segment Patrons - The robust segmentation capabilities of GamEdge allows you to segment patrons in an almost limitless number of dimensions. Segmentation can be conducted based on pre-set rules or in a dynamic manner as patrons spend more or interact in specific ways.
  • Interact with Patrons and Serve Up Key Data Enterprise-wide - With integration across all systems, GamEdge facilitates personalized interactions across all areas of the casino - on the floor, in the Hotel, at the restaurant, in the bar, on the phone, and even through email. In addition, the unified patron view provides consistent and timely customer information for all personnel.
  • Communicate with Players on the Slot Floor in Real Time - GamEdge is completely integrated with WMS’ WAGE-NET network gaming system, which enables you to deliver personalized messages, vouchers, and special offers based on customer data and behavior - all in real time as the patron plays on their favorite slots.
  • Deliver a Player’s Desired Themed Slot Games from a Repository of Cached Games - Patrons can go online and set their gaming preferences, or GamEdge will automatically set their game preference based on historical data. Utilizing this data slots can be automatically configured to the patrons’ preferences on the casino floor.
  • Manage the Slot Floor in Response to Patron Mix and Activity - Slot Directors can create specialized rules within GamEdge based on patron mix on the floor, thresholds met, and/or targeted activities that trigger specific messages, new slot configurations, or promotions - all with the goal of maximizing patron satisfaction and revenues.
  • Enable Hosts to Efficiently Manage Relationship with Hi-End Customers - Give your hosts the information and the tools to service your hi-rollers and manage the communications process. Plus, your managers can easily monitor host performance.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.