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Campaign Design and Execution


  • Integrated digital marketing plan was created (An amalgamation of owned, paid & earned digital media strategies)
  • Community engagement, buzz monitoring and campaign analysis mechanism were designed / set up.
  • A clearly defined channel strategy was laid out to focus on defined set of target audience in various platforms -
    • Twitter: To reach out to influencers and blogging community
    • Facebook: To reach out to Gen Y audience / potential employees
    • YouTube: To reach out audience of specific demographic & geographic segmentation and interest categories
  • A robust internal outreach plan was ideated to - a) Engage every employee with the 'Employees First Effect' film b) Empower every employee to become HCLT's Brand Ambassador c) Enthuse employees to share the video in their respective social networks


  • Community Engagement (Engage the community in real time, Foster conversations around EFCS, Follow the followers, Provide transparent and accurate information)
  • Campaign Analysis (Track & Analyse metrics like Increase in fan/followers/ subscription base, Ratio of post to engagement, Number of positive reviews from third parties etc)
  • Buzz Monitoring : With the help of social listening tools, regularly monitor & track the buzz generated in 3 phases - a) Listen: Discover real-time, relevant, impactful conversations b) Measure: Monitor, analyze and track those conversations c) Engage: Active dialog with users and tracking/ tagging comments for future use
  • Paid & Organic Tactics
    • Facebook Ads, Promoted Tweets, Google Search & Display, YouTube Ads (in-search, in-slate, in-display & in-stream)
    • Social Media Optimization via link building and social bookmarking
    • SEO measures (on-page & off page) for all “Employees First”  related pages in the corporate website (
  • 84,000+ of HCLT's employees as Brand Ambassadors
    • Engage
      • Using various employee internal touch points like - Employee Intranet (, Daily Newsletter (HCL Today), Internal Social Network (MEME), Posters & Banners in all HCLT facilities, Screensavers for desktops etc, ample communication was ensured to draw the attention of the employees to this video
      • Organization leaders of various functions invested a significant effort in ensuring the reach of the video and also engaged with their team members around the 'Employees First Effect' video.
    • Empower
      • With many of HCLT's employees in Offshore Development Centers not having access to Social Media sites including YouTube due to client contractual reasons, HCLT provided phased access to the social media sites during non-business hours. This not only helped in ensuring that every employees gets to watch this video but also empowers them to share the video to their friends and relatives in their respective social networks.
    • Enthuse
      • To further encourage employees to share the video and indulge in active dialogues around the video representing HCLT, we launched the  'Spread the Word' contest
      • The design of the contest was simple - employees to share the film on Facebook, get maximum number of likes / shares on their posts and win attractive prizes including ‘Employees First’ merchandise. Employee participation in the contest really helped create enormous buzz for the film. The winner for the contest had 3432 likes and 731 shares for the film


HCLT's employees as Brand Ambassadors





Make It Your Own

In the true spirit of EFCS, we felt that this film doesn't just belong to HCLT, it should belong to all companies that believe in creating conditions for its employees to bring about the real change. Any company / organization interested in customizing the video had to follow a simple process - Fill up a simple form with their details including the organization that they work for & also upload a their organization's logo. Upon verification of the details submitted, the video is customized incorporating their logo and organization details and sent to the user

This initiative is still available in our corporate website -

Turning a negative into a positive

The corporate website was re-launched in Feb '12 & there were a lot of issues with respective to search engine crawl / indexing. HCLT converted this into a positive opportunity by customizing all 404 error pages - 76,000 page views recorded from Feb'12 to Apr'12. Check out a sample 404 error page -

SIW Optimized:
SEO Optimized:
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.