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Commercial Transformation

The Situation Today

As the healthcare ecosystem’s focus and demand shifts from acute care to medium-term care and prevention, the “care” component in healthcare is becoming the dominant piece.

The drive for value has transformed this industry through new transformation initiatives such as prevention, patient centricity, remote monitoring, self-care, self-diagnostics and behavioral influence. This has led a fundamental change in the way the healthcare ecosystem evaluates and delivers value to consumers.

By partnering with an innovative, global IT services firm and investing in building next generation solutions, you can find the most innovative ways to respond to your customers and stay ahead of the curve.

Evolution at Value and Technology fronts

Value Based Purchasing and Reimbursement: Consumers and payors (employers, health plans, and governments) will increasingly direct their health care purchasing or reimbursement dollar based on value

Information Liquidity & Informed Consumer: Advancements in pervasive technologies, interoperability and genomics will increase the availability of meaningful health information. Such information and new decision support approaches will enhance the healthcare ecosystem’s ability to manage and improve the health of populations and individuals across geographies and the continuum of care

The increasing thirst for healthier lives and preserving youth, increased out-of-pocket costs and the proliferation of the health information will transform many patients into active health care purchasers.

How can HCL help you

Commercialization Life Cycle

HCL adopts a multi-faceted approach for commercial transformation in resolving business challenges. While we work with most of our customers in traditional technology spectrums, such as IT systems integration, data warehousing, BI reporting, mobility and analytics, we have been investing in building capabilities/solutions for Healthcare Insights - a Big Data proposition, and business process led commercial operations.

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Commercial Transformation
Commercial Transformation
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.