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HCL Technologies Germany

IT Application Maintenance and Support

ALT ASM™ is HCL’s alternative view on managing applications. HCL believes that CIOs need an incident free, highly automated application environment to serve service requests and to reduce the number of tickets to zero.

The objective of HCL’s ALT ASM™ is to deliver an application environment that is as hassle free as SaaS and focused on business alignment even in a Run the business scenario.

ALT ASM™ engagements are designed to be business aligned and committed to moving towards business process KPIs.
Application Support & Maintainance   


  • Efficiency: An ASM engagement in technology led silos is normally inefficient in terms of its resource use. HCL has designed a Business Function Aligned Target Operating Model that results in a highly efficient ASM engagement.
  • Agility: Over time, an application environment loses its agility due to the frequent changes. In addition,  majority of the resources are used for dealing with incident and non-value-adding service requests. This can cut into a company’s budget for change-the-business initiatives. As part of ALT ASM™, we focus on ruthlessly cutting waste for  a triple benefit of Agility, Human Resources and Capital.
  • Flexibility: An ASM engagement, which is not flexible enough to provide for additional trained resources in case of an urgent need, puts the client at risk rising from business fluctuations. Understanding this challenge, HCL offers clients a flexible staffing model which provides run-the-business (RTB)-trained resources whenever there is need, as part of ALT ASM™.
  • Business Advantage: Business vision for improved service levels and IT strategy can no longer be two different agendas. Top management across organizations are realizing the need for IT initiatives to contribute to overall business objectives. IT performance is being judged on the basis of business parameters. As part of ALT ASM™, HCL would not only focus on facilitating 99.95% up time but also your on-time delivery and yield.
  • Committed Operational Gains: The second-generation outsourcer is dealing with a contracting economy and in order to improve the cash flow, they have either reduced IT budgets or put it on hold.

However, if CIO’s do not focus on organizational change objectives, they run the risk of being marginalized in this competitive business environment.  Consequently, if enterprises are unable to extract operational gains from application management, they are unable to invest in business transformation initiatives.

ALT ASM enables organizations unlock capital with committed gains starting from the first year.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.