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HCL Technologies Germany

Enterprise Application Testing Services

The Situation Today

Organizations have been making substantial investments in the enterprise applications that drive their business initiatives. How can they protect those investments? Through effective and efficient testing strategies that help detect potential problems while speeding up the deployment of high-quality applications. The consequences of inaccurate testing are severe: appplication failure, business disruption, and little to show for the investment of both time and money. As a result, end-to-end application testing has become a strategic priority for organizations today.

How HCL Can Help

Our Enterprise Application Testing Services (EATS) include a unique blend of industry-specific, end-to-end solutions and technical excellence. Through proven expertise in executing large and complex testing engagements, HCL ensures quality at every phase of the testing life cycle.

EATS provides comprehensive services across multiple products and ensures improved operational efficiency with a focus on quality. The image below provides a snapshot of our offerings:

Enterprise Application Testing Services (EATS) - HCL Tech

What You Can Expect

  • Effectiveness and efficiency through a process-driven test environment and governance model
  • Seamless services with end-to-end testing solutions
  • Optimization of resource utilization with ramp-up and ramp down-models
  • Prepackaged test solutions for SAP, Oracle, CRM, and DW&BI with a special focus on financial services, manufacturing, retail, IS utilities, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals
  • Accelerated multi-country, multi-rollout testing solutions to cater to the needs of geographically dispersed projects
  • Flexible service offerings — in core services, specialized testing, point solutions, and consulting — customized for a variety of business needs
  • Reusable test asset repository with over 2,000 ready-to-deploy SAP, Oracle, CRM, and SFDC test case components that significantly reduce time and effort across the ERP life cycle

What We’ve Done for Others

HCL’s EATS has produced dramatic results for a range of global customers by using automation, standardization, and reusable components to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their testing processes. In particular, we have

  • reduced costs by more than 20% for a global leader in security software products by establishing an Enterprise Test Center (ETC) and utilizing a capacity planning model to improve efficiency and resource utilization
  • reduced cycle time by up to 70% for a leading multinational dairy and agriculture company through centralized automation testing and standardization of test processes
  • reduced overall test cycle time by up to 20% for a large global pharmaceutical company by using reusable/reengineered testing components and introducing a risk-based testing framework
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.