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Software Product Quality and Compliance – SPQC

The Situation Today

It’s no wonder that technology companies are facing a quality management squeeze: The average release cycle for Internet-based products is 24 hours, the average shelf life for a mobile device is six months, and the release cycles of high-end telecom equipment have shrunk by 40% over the past three years. The pressure to launch new and updated products on an aggressive timetable has made testing more complex and laborious. Moreover, customers increasingly expect a seamless experience across platforms and technologies, so companies must test their offerings with external products and interfaces. All this boils down to a significant challenge: How can technology companies reduce the occurrence of defects while maintaining market share and profits?

How HCL Can Help

HCL’s Software Product Quality & Compliance (SPQC) offerings help technology product and platform companies address a variety of quality challenges related to user experience, time to market, cost of ownership, performance, and overall market success. They combine innovations in tools, processes, and methodologies with a mature service delivery framework to ensure that technology companies can guarantee their product quality while pursuing aggressive feature releases, multi-device strategies, and cost control efforts.

What You Can Expect

  • Accelerated Functional Testing: High-performance functional testing for software, which uses innovations such as change-based testing, risk-based testing, and model-based testing to reduce by up to 60% the time required to achieve comprehensive test coverage over frequent regressions and feature additions
  • Performance Testing: A sophisticated framework that unites best-in-class performance engineering tools and expertise to provide ongoing performance testing, tuning, and benchmarking for software and platform development teams
  • Interop Testing: A solution that simplifies and accelerates the testing and certification of cloud-based products and applications by packaging ready-to-use test cases, scripts, automation test-beds, and handlers in a unified interoperability testing platform
  • App Test Factory: A unique service delivery platform that streamlines and automates the testing of mobile applications across 500+ mobile phones and tablets across all major operating systems
  • Localization Testing: A differentiated framework that provides efficiency, acceleration, and scale for the localization and internationalization testing of software and hardware products and platforms
  • Security Testing: A unique approach that embeds security testing into a product or platform’s release cycle through automated checklist-based testing systems

What We’ve Done For Others

HCL has helped a range of technology companies improve their testing capabilities in today’s challenging environment:

  • Model-Based Testing (MBT): Achieved complete coverage, with an 55% increase of test cases, and reduced bugs by 59% for a global provider of IT products and services
  • Change-Based Testing: Reduced by approximately 55% the cost of testing for two modules for a worldwide networking leader by running prioritized test cases and skipping those not affected
  • Interoperability Testing: Reduced the incidence of defects that reach the customer and reduced testing efforts by 20% for a leading telecom OEM
  • Performance Testing: Devised a benchmark methodology and a performance test methodology for a leading provider of product-life-cycle management software and services 

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.