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Dreamforce 2014

Member Engagement Management (Mem) In Salesforce

Meaningful member engagement builds brand loyalty in an environment of healthcare consumerism.  HCL understands this and has created the Member Engagement Management (MEM) Solution in Salesforce Communities. MEM provides an opportunity to Health Plans to pull away from transactional decision-making which leaves members out of the equation, to a socially-enabled model in which members become partners in their own healthcare.

Existing solutions often leave members to navigate among many healthcare choices on their own. Here is why the user experience has not improved:

  • Data comprehension and decision making is left to the plan member
  • Transaction history, especially with 3rd parties (Disease Management Providers, WebMD, HSA) is not captured - 360o view of the member is not established
  • Information is available, but is not analysed and packaged for useful engagement strategies around wellness, disease management, and other programs useful for the member

Why HCL is the Right Partner for the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industries

Our comprehensive transformational and industry experience has led a significant number of top Life Sciences and Healthcare clients to depend on us. For nearly a decade, HCL has helped them develop affordable, value-based technology solutions.

HCL's Member Engagement Management Solution on Salesforce

When we built our MEM solution, we realized consumers would have choices when they make healthcare purchasing decisions in the future. A healthy byproduct of healthcare consumerism is the emphasis on preventative wellness and influencing behavior change. Today, becoming a market leader means moving early--this starts with the right strategy and the right platform. A solid member experience strategy will convert unknown consumers into loyal patients.

Whereas, in the past, health plan members where disassociated from financial decisions, and barely scratched the surface of healthcare decision making. HCL's MEM on Salesforce focuses on four key areas: Enhanced Demographics, Fulfillment, Analytics, and Community.

Member Engagement Management on Salesforce

Member Engagement Management on Salesforce

HCL MEM Functions and Architecture

The HCL MEM architecture leverages the strengths of's Customer Community product to enable true capabilities that health plans are looking for:

Patient Portal

Social & Communities

Branding (Internal & External)


Content Dissemination

Engagement Capability with Members, Providers & Third Parties

Analytics, Reporting & Segmentation

Integration to Third Party Systems/Unique Content

Custom Applications

HCL's MEM Solution on Salesforce Communities for health plans environment can increase customer awareness, focus on customer acquisition and retention, and improve ROI. 

MEM Functions and Architecture

HCL’s MEM Solution for Health Plans is the right approach to get results quickly, gain first mover advantage, and increase market share as it leverages the following:

  • Salesforce Communities as the key customer interaction platform for your members
  • Salesforce Platform as the engine to drive connectivity to an increasing number of connected healthcare devices in the market
  • Salesforce’s API First approach to integrating to your legacy systems

Come See Us!

Join us at Dreamforce 2014 in San Francisco, meet our industry experts, and put our experience and insight to work for you. Let’s Talk Member Engagement Management!

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.