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integrated Digital Experience Advisory (iDEA™)

HCL: Idea PortfolioTake the guesswork out of digital decisions, maximize ROI and business impact

What is iDEA™?

HCL’s Integrated Digital Experience Advisory (iDEA™) is a suite of automated framework driven advisories that enable businesses to take the right business and technology decisions when it comes to delivering engaging digital experiences. These extensive yet ever evolving advisories are customizable and are based on our experience, analyst recommendations, and an influx of market insights in this domain.

HCL has spent more than ten years in helping brands and businesses find the right digital strategy. From carving out a best fit social strategy to finding new ways to connect with customers, from creating information that got them discovered easily to building digital platforms enabling them become digital disruptors in their own right —we have done it all.

We're practitioners who share our knowledge and skills to help organizations set their digital strategy right, today. 

integrated Digital Experience Advisory (iDEA™) - Portfolio
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The Benefits

  • Provides a framework-driven standardized advisory approach, with streamlined recommendations
  • Highly flexible—can be easily customized to suit both localized and enterprise level decisions
  • Leverages HCL’s rich experience of engaging with leading clients across the globe, market trends, top analyst recommendations, industry best practices, and skilled consultants with cross-domain experience
  • Results visualization using intuitive dashboards and charts

 What We’ve Done for Others

  • HCL’s WCM capabilities helped a pharmaceutical leader reduce maintenance effort and improve operational productivity – Read More...
  • A world leading restaurant chain moves its world-wide digital initiatives to a global platform to provide value-added services to customers, while lowering time to market and operational costs – Read More...
  • A world leading restaurant chain reduces the turnaround time, lowers operational costs and improves employee engagement using HCL’s collaboration solution – Read More...
  • HCL’s digital solution helped a leading American logistics company improve business control by 50% – Read More...
  • HCL’s CMS solution enabled a global player in the entertainment industry to lower operational costs and increase ROI – Read More...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.