adobe summit 2020
adobe summit 2020


HCL is Adobe’s Platinum Partner and the global service provider for Adobe Experience Cloud solutions with specializations in Adobe’s Experience Manager (Build, Run & Operate), Analytics and Campaign. We provide an integrated experience platform across industries to enable CMOs, CIOs and CFOs to achieve business goals whilst delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.

Our innovative solutions extend the experience platform via AI and Data-driven experience built on top of Adobe’s platform to provide our customers a competitive edge.



ADvantage Experience

HCL’s ADvantage Experience accelerates digital marketing implementation at scale via a set of accelerators and frameworks for marketers to deliver contextual customer experiences across multiple channels using Adobe’s market leading platform.

Data-driven experience

HCL’s Data-driven experience is a solution framework to accelerate customer analytics journey for a single view of the customers from disparate data sources. Data intelligence from pre-built predictive analytical models ensures comprehensive insights for delivering personalized customer experiences.

Industry Solutions

ADvantage Experience provides industry-specific digital experience solutions for enterprise marketing requirements, whilst offering self-service capabilities for a holistic customer experience across channels.

Magento Commerce

Magento commerce is a customizable, scalable, and high availability solution that is built to leverage open standards. HCL’s Magento practice accelerates the implementation of Magento Commerce solutions with its unique service offerings, frameworks and accelerators.

Integrated sales & marketing

HCL’s integrated sales and marketing solution provides predefined campaign components and integrations that can be reused across nurture, engage and retention campaigns to transform the overall customer experience.