Our Enterprise Productivity (EP) suite, leveraging Microsoft Services, offers domain-driven “experience- centric” solutions to enterprises, enabling them to drive digitalization and transformation in an intensely competitive market. It enhances the overall ecosystem experience through the elevation of workforce experience. Our productivity and engagement solutions offer enriched digital experiences to workforces across industry domains by leveraging and converging when needed, Microsoft SaaS and PaaS offerings.

The enterprise workforce ecosystem comprising employees, partners, and vendors benefit from our workforce empowerment capabilities (based on our proprietary KE4 approach – Know, Enable, Engage, Excite and Empower) paired with well-governed delivery processes leading to success and improved productivity. The  Enterprise Productivity suite has various digital workforce enablers (next-gen findability, mobility, gamification, decision-guidance, etc.) offering experience and value to the workforce.

Knowledge is a critical component for an enterprise to retain and improve its asset value chain, helping deliver quality output to its customers. The Enterprise Discovery module of EP Services powers enterprise knowledge discovery and enrichment, improving productivity.

In an age characterized by 'Cloud-First’ and ‘Cloud-Ready,’ the Collaboration, Search, Knowledge Management and Power Platform-based Low-code Productivity App offerings of EP Services leverage Microsoft 365 (SaaS) from strategic, tactical, and operational points of view.

On Microsoft PaaS, we offer ADvantage Azure - a comprehensive offering around Azure that addresses cloud-native Application development, Azure cloud migration, and Cloud-driven transformation needs of enterprises. It provides analysis, approach, and solution mapping insight to build enterprise capabilities on and port legacy / bespoke .NET applications to Azure PaaS. ADvantage Azure covers all aspects of application implementation and modernization right from discovery, design to support and maintenance and helps our customers plan and execute Azure-driven implementation and modernization journeys effectively. It also covers the critical data offerings on Azure.

  • To support Azure initiatives, we develop business cases with ROI and metrics-driven roadmaps and embrace a framework-guided approach for Azure platform rollouts (public, private, hybrid), reference architecture definition, security policy definition, and Azure management.
  • Through our Azure DevOps Adoption Maturity Model, we determine the maturity of our customer’s DevOps adoption on Azure. We assess the existing application landscape and help customers adopt an Azure-first strategy, covering deployment models and migration roadmaps with minimal disruption.
  • Our Data & AI Suite consists of services, capabilities, and solutions for Microsoft Azure-based Data & AI programs. It includes strategic frameworks, accelerators, tools & techniques, scripts, and technical capabilities. Our suite of cognitive solutions as part of EP elevates the end-user experience, helping enterprises truly embrace a vision for the digital economy.


SharePoint / M365 Modernization
SharePoint / M365 Modernization

It provides capabilities around modernizing legacy platforms – SharePoint On-premise, Lotus Notes, File Shares, etc. to the M365 suite leveraging our proprietary solutions – e.g., NPMS (NotesPoint Migration Suite).

Power Platform Services
Power Platform Services

It ensures utilizing/optimizing the inherent Low Code/No Code (LCNC) capabilities of Microsoft’s M365 Power Platform suite to provide business solutions for our customers supported by our tools / Frameworks – e.g., AppTraf, AppGov, and SharePower, etc.

Modern AD on Azure
Modern AD on Azure

It includes all aspects of application development and transformation on Microsoft Azure, typically leveraging its PaaS capabilities to build enterprise-grade business applications on a foundation of cloud-native architectural fundamentals – Microservices, APIs, containerization, messaging, etc.

Data and AI on Azure
Data and AI on Azure

It encompasses our end-to-end data, analytics, and AI services leveraging the Microsoft Azure technology stack.



It is a digital platform for the enterprise workforce, enabling ecological transformation through smart delivery of productivity-enhancing experience and synergy (i.e., multivariate networking).

NotesPoint Suite (NPMS)

It guides an enterprise to modernize the Lotus Notes landscape through ownership identification, discovery, analysis, target fitment, and migration. It ensures the adoption and implementation of best practices, reduction of rework and redundancy, and optimum path for various migration tasks performed simultaneously.


It is a governance framework to support business users in achieving success on the Power Platform. It comprises guidance in environment strategy, licensing strategy, capability governance, security governance, and platform adoption. It comes with a CoE started kit as well to bootstrap adoption of Power Platform in an enterprise.


It is a transformation framework that enables transformation from different sources to a Power Platform. It has assessment tools, transformation accelerators, best practices captured through operational excellence, achieved in various transformation engagements.

ADvantage Code .Net

It is our way of bringing productivity to application development on Microsoft technologies via adding automation in the development process and scaffolding of code (including microservices). It supports our approach to platforms-based development towards the creation of future-proof business solutions.

ADvantage EAZe

It is a maturity elevation framework on Azure DevOps that helps assess DevOps maturity through a collection of Azure DevOps-based proven methodologies (proven practices, re-usable assets, tools & accelerators, templates, architectural patterns, etc.), devise the best DevOps strategy, and create roadmaps for maturity evaluation and continuous improvement. 

ADvantage Azure Intelligent Assistant

It manifests human-machine partnership – a deployable framework on Azure – through intelligent business conversations for diverse queries and reactive/ proactive actions on various industry-specific digital functions.

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