Enterprise Productivity and Microsoft services offer domain-driven “experience” solutions to enterprises, enabling them to drive digitalization and transformation in a deeply competitive market. Through its ability to enrich the operational and ecosystem experiences, it has a huge impact on enhancing the customer experience. It offers enriched digital experience to the workforce through productivity and engagement solutions tailored for specific industries.

With Cloud fast becoming the de facto destination for enterprise apps and content, the Collaboration and Platform Modernization modules of EPS propel a movement towards Cloud from strategic, tactical, and operational points of view. Enterprise wisdom is a critical component for an enterprise to retain and improve upon its asset value chain, helping deliver quality output to its customers. This is aided by the Enterprise Discovery module that drives knowledge and discovery in an enterprise, thus improving its workforce productivity.

Workforce ecosystem (employees, partners and vendors) also benefit from our Workforce Empowerment capabilities (based on our proprietary KE4 approach – Know, Enable, Engage, Excite and Empower) leading to success and improved productivity paired with well governed delivery processes.

Finally, our suite of cognitive solutions aided with mixed reality experience elevates the experience of end-users helping enterprises to truly embrace a vision for the digital economy.

HCL Global Digital Execution Report

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ADvantage Azure Intelligent Assistant
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It is a multichannel voice-enabled conversational assistant platform for the enterprise that addresses both employee-facing and consumer-facing scenarios, with rich repositories of industry-specific use cases and unique technical features aiming to improve enterprise productivity. Some of its core technical features include  technology-neutral hosting and implementation, power user-driven configuration, efficient feedback dissemination and automated ingestion, use case driven user interface, multi-brain management, recipe management and quick orchestration with backend systems. 

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An experience platform for the workforce of an enterprise, enabling internal transformation through creation of synergy between the operational and ecosystem experiences to provide the best customer experience.

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Content and Collaboration Platforms
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Suite of services, from consulting through support, around content management & collaboration for an enterprise comprising components like compliance, content workflows, search and intra & inter-team collaboration.

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