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Businesses have started using data to provide differentiated and personalized experiences to customer. Businesses have to recognize that every customer touchpoint is an opportunity for the business to improve loyalty, provide an enhanced experience as compared to competitors and subtly push marketing agenda to address cross selling and upselling opportunities.

Customer Experience Management is undoubtedly the core of marketing and commerce strategies that organizations will build. Following are five strategic themes that will drive success for enterprises.

  • Know everything about your customer
  • Present a singular experience
  • Be available across channels
  • Customer servicing is key
  • Don’t take Data Privacy lightly

We as a Customer Experience Platform practice are experts in digital marketing transformation. Our services enable organizations to have deep and meaningful customer connections by building robust digital foundations with marketing activation services to create, manage and monitor digital marketing operational needs. Our services enable marketers deliver contextual customer experience across channels and journey touchpoints, reduce campaign time to market, provide effective actionable insights and improve market ROI attribution. 



ADvantage Experience Industry Solutions

ADvantage Experience consists of industry solutions for Retail, Travel, LSH, Hitech and Financial Services scenarios to build marketing and experience technology solutions faster and efficiently using leading digital experience platforms such as Adobe, Sitecore, Acquia and Drupal.

ADvantage Commerce

ADvantage commerce framework for D2C and B2B is designed to jumpstart your fully functional omnichannel journey quickly within 6 to 8 weeks by bringing commerce experience delivery across modern digital touch points in conjunction through headless commerce architecture.

XR Studio

XR Studio comes equipped with Industry starter kits, reusable algorithms, rapid prototyping, multi-platform & devices support for Extended Reality apps.


Integrated Digital Experience Advisory (iDEA) is a trusted advisor that empowers a marketer in taking right and informed decisions.

Data Driven Experience

Unified & personalized experience across channels throughout the customer journey enabled by real-time event driven architecture.

Advantage UI

A digital component library, with reusable components, ready-to-deploy solutions, popular third-party libraries and project templates for rapid application development that follows high quality managed mobile application DevOps framework.



Experience Platforms

Enabling enterprise marketing and business stakeholders to manage content for seamless multi-channel experience, and to enable publishing for marketing and e-commerce platforms.


Marketing Automation

Campaign management services to reach out to target audiences across multiple channels at appropriate time with personalized messages to generate maximum brand impact.


Experience Optimization

Enabling enterprises to tailor channel experience based on customer journey, customer preferences, and online behavior.


Omnichannel Commerce

Enabling anytime, anywhere commerce across digital and offline channels whilst having complete visibility of inventory to provide flexible order fulfilment options.


Integrated Analytics

Enabling enterprises to gain real time insights to make meaningful business decisions and to optimize customer experiences based on them.


Customer 360

Enabling organizations to define a 360-degree view of the customer with a combination of CRM data, Online behavioral data, and channel data.

Martech @ Scale

Martech @ Scale

ADvantage Experience is a cross platform solution to build marketing and experience technology solutions faster and efficiently using leading digital experience platforms such as Adobe, Sitecore, Acquia and Drupal.

Marketing as a Service

Marketing as a Service

Enabling converged and managed ops for marketing. Creating a unified experience platform with marketing automation, analytics and optimization, omnichannel experience and AI capabilities.