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Automated product support

What defines the customer journey?

The modern marketplace is dynamic and competitive, with customer delight and engagement essential for success. Smart, responsive and effective customer management is now at the core of most business objectives, targets or enterprise mission statements. The key objective is to improve the customer service experience.

Automated Product Support is built around ensuring exemplary customer experiences, enabling better retention, brand loyalty and top line revenue growth. The key to the customer journey today is the ability to ensure that all prospecting, purchase enablement, or post purchase interactions are personalised as per the customer needs and this is where automated customer service play’s a crucial role.

Is tech a game-changer for customer experience?

Digital transformation and the rise of social media is forcing organizations to redefine ways in which customer service experience can be enhanced at every touchpoint.

Connected devices and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) have not only transformed product usage, but have ushered in a new era of proactive customer service. Today, CRM executives must move beyond mere resolution provision and contact closure to a predictive and prescriptive bouquet of offerings.

What are we doing that’s different?

With over 6000+ resources in Automated Product Support and Service Desk operations, we are a partner of choice for most Fortune 500 Leaders and other Global Majors. As an organization focussing on next-gen technologies, we are reinventing the product support realm through the power of cognitive intelligence, robotics and virtual assistants.


CXP Platform

Upto 30% efficiencies through machine learning, real-time analytics and cognitive intelligence integrated into an omni-channel platform

Analytics Driven Personalization

Contact Routing to best agent, Predictive Analytics driven Next Best offers and Automated Interaction Analytics for customer experience insight

Virtual Assistants

Agent-less smart virtual BOTs providing automated resolution and co-relation driven intelligence powered by NLP and Cognitive intelligence

Intelligent Self-Serve

Enabling Channel and digital optimization through Conversational and Visual IVR, Intelligent Knowledge Assistants and social BOTs


Post-Sales Support

Pre-Sales Support

We enable an effective browse-to-buy experience for your product line, with personalized offers, predictive support models, and virtual tools for proactive prospect management

Post-Sales Support

Post-Sales Support

Analytics driven 360-degree customer view ensures we provide prescriptive technical resolution to your customers

Customer Support & Account Management

Customer Support & Account Management

Combining the strengths of Robotics & technology, we ensure increased customer retention, order support and subscription management through intelligent knowledge management and self-serve enablement