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Currently the healthcare market suggests that there is a pressure to reduce healthcare delivery costs, implement methods to enhance health plans in increasing the member base, manage regulations, consolidate the healthcare systems, and manage regulatory compliance in the services. Moreover, these mentioned factors are also major drivers for the healthcare business process market.

The healthcare industry is ripe for an overhaul. However, it is often costly, complex, and competitive among the healthcare providers, payers, and even within organizations. In short, we need a smarter healthcare delivery system that is customer-centric, and that truly uses empathy and intelligence to support all services.

In response to this, we are streamlining the service delivery approach and reducing the client cost by offering smart solutions. It will include Robotics Process Automation for all the rule-based processes with defined workflows, industrialized consultation, process with optimization from the first year of operations, and industry-recognized platforms. 


CPaaS (Credentialing as a Service)

Our dynamic solution eliminates multiple manual efforts required in credentialing providers on different health plan panels.

Robotic Process Automation

Transforming manual and repetitive tasks by leveraging Robotic Process Automation through DRYiCETM framework

Guided Response System

Our Toscana© Guided Response tool enables a new level of control in defining and managing customer interactions.

Denial Management Processing

We engage in end-to-end cycle to identify, manage, monitor, and prevent any monetary damage to your organization.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solution Suite

Our healthcare revenue cycle process encompasses everything from determining patient eligibility and collecting their co-pay to coding claims.


Payers and PBM

Payers and PBM

HCLTech beyond benefit approach and member focused operational models positions us as Leaders in healthcare business.

Provider and Intermediary

Provider and Intermediary

HCLTech proven methodology of Integrated Global Delivery model with Provider focused technology and tools results into an enhanced patient care with improved provider relationship.

Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Consulting

Transforming Customer Experience in Healthcare is HCLTech key consulting proposition emphasising on innovation and continuous approach strategy through consumer experience Maturity Assessment, Next Gen portal and digital adoption improvement.