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Innovative new technologies, convergence, and solutions are redefining business models. They have reimagined the way business happens in the telecom space. Service providers are becoming content generators as well as providers, addressing the end-customer support requirements. Companies have to manage customers who have access to more knowledge, have a clear understanding of their requirements, and are offered a multitude of channels to get support. With ongoing changes like these, organizations are looking at vendors who can be their partners in driving customer experience, optimizing costs, and assisting them in setting up a Next Generation Support Framework.

As one of the pioneers in managing end-to-end telecom services and customer lifecycle engagement, we have come a long way in the last 17 years and today are one of the leading service providers to telecommunication providers. We combine the strength of our engineering services, our telecom innovation labs, and our strong business process delivery systems to offer customers a scalable, benchmarked, and standardized telecom service organization.

Our holistic ‘Telecom Customer Life Cycle Management’ approach creates a one-stop solution for our clients, starting with the creation of sales demand to improved sales effectiveness, through order management and fulfilment, with end-to-end omni-channel pre and post-sale customer support, product support, analytics, and Retention and Collection Services.


Lead to Order Services

Lead to Order

Design & delivery of effective multi-channel outbound sales campaigns and inbound sales conversions for effective lead generation

Order Management Services

Order Management

End-to-end order management and fulfillment for enhancing customer experience

Customer Contact Services

Customer Contact

Technology platform based end-to-end customer support services

Trouble to Resolve Services

Trouble to Resolve 

Troubleshooting, remote & triage support for your consumer, enterprise and product offerings

Collections & Recoveries Services

Collections & Recoveries

Analytics and tool driven end-to-end collection management and early/late stage recoveries