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Digital Systems Integration (DSI™)

Digitalization is the complete transformation of a business with the help of new technologies that can help generate revenue and value. It commences with digital assets and capabilities. For business, it means digital products, services, and enhanced customer experiences, conducted through digital channels from the front office all the way through the value chain.

HCL’s Digital Systems Integration solutions and services are an answer to a modern corporation’s dilemma in effectively transforming itself from a legacy driven traditional organization to a digitalized corporation. Our Digital Systems Integration solutions and services enable traditional organizations compete against “born digital” competitors through a strategy called reborn digital™, which analyzes and connects the organization’s legacy systems, assesses its readiness for the digital age, and addresses the challenges through solutions that create a complete digital enterprise.

HCL’s Approach to DSI™

A 6 step methodology

  • Justification and prioritization of digitalization
  • Blueprint creation for a strategic view of digitalization
  • Focus on transforming processes that create the maximum value
  • Transformation of legacy technology
  • Creation of a seamless data fabric
  • Systems integration

These 3 tenets allow an enterprise to experiment, innovate, and offer new services with new business models.

3 tenets - Application Modernization, Data Fabric, Digital Transformation

Application Modernization

Historically, application transformation was about focusing on standardization, legacy migration, and cost reduction. However, in the context of digitalization, this transformation is now geared towards platforms that are ready for the cloud, for integration, and the future.

  • HCL creates platforms on a cloud infrastructure for the rapid development and deployment of applications using APIs, and SaaS applications such as SFDC
  • HCL modernizes and migrates applications to cloud platforms by combining private and public clouds to meet compliance requirements, achieve scalability, and cost effective growth
  • HCL integrates cloud platforms with legacy assets to create an agile IT environment

Data Fabric

Traditionally, the focus was on data integration, reporting, and master data management. However, digitalization requirements are going to be around

  • The ability to integrate data from existing sources within the enterprise as well as external sources, including curated and non-curated data
  • The ability to offer a consistent single view of the data model to the organization, and to enable the seamless flow of information

Digital Transformation

Disruptive business process transformation is possible only if the organization takes advantage of its transformed application landscape to create new applications on enterprise assets that are locked in ERP systems. Digitalization provides the following benefits through technology:

  • Unified customer experience on multiple channels through social media analytics, built-in data mining tools, and data integration
  • Enhanced existing applications for ubiquitous access to information from various devices such as mobiles, tablets and kiosks, coupled with data mining tools
  • Capabilities to integrate data decisions to improve customer experience, improve internal process and enhance employee experience
  • Supporting platforms for decentralized innovation on applications
  • Preparation for the next wave of technology like IoT and 3D printing


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Creating competitive advantage with Digital Systems Integration
Creating competitive advantage with Digital Systems Integration
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.