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High-tech and Manufacturing


The Situation Today

Digital is the new buzzword for companies in this industry, especially as social computing, big data analytics, cloud enablement, mobile transformation, and Internet of Things (IoT) appears to drive every business level discussion in marketing, supply chain management, production, human resources, and finance.

The manufacturing industry is being shaped by four important events:

  • On-shoring of manufacturing operations: The lowering of cost of energy due to extensive shale gas discoveries all over North America is leading to the on-shoring of manufacturing operations back to North America. This is reshaping the chemical industry, leading to large investments being made by manufacturing corporations - it is being termed the new manufacturing renaissance.

  • Lean manufacturing to lean enterprise: With technology reducing the cost of communication and increasing the visibility across supply chains, lean practices can be implemented across an enterprise, and its vendors and distributors.

  • The connected everything: Technologies like M2M, Internet of Things, mobility, social computing, and cloud technology are starting to impact customer decision making, supplier profiling, product and service life cycle management, and day-to-day enterprise functioning - making it increasingly difficult to maintain competitive advantage.

  • Increased focus on asset management: Reduced operational budgets, capital budgets, and aging assets are making asset management a big challenge for the industry with current trends indicating operational budget reduction as the highest priority.

What We Offer

Through Digital Systems Integration (DSI™), HCL brings a holistic approach to digitalization while the current industry standard - SMAC (Social computing, Mobile technologies, Analytics and Cloud computing) - has not been able to address all the challenges faced by a legacy burdened manufacturing industry, due to its bolt-on approach.

For most manufacturing companies, the dependence on legacy is paramount, and even a small downtime in a critical application can result in large revenue slippages. Hence the quality aspect of any digitalization initiative has to be met with a deep understanding of the domain requirements.

DSI provides a leapfrog approach with fast application modernization and a simultaneous reduction of legacy systems - all achieved through HCL’s industry specific tools and IPs, and a well-developed partner ecosystem. Total IT spend is reduced by reducing systems of record/ ERP expenditures, and this releases precious capital for modernizing the maintenance of the entire application suite and new sources of competitive advantage can be created through a holistic approach of employing disruptive technologies like big data analytics, M2M, Internet of Things collaboration and 3D printing.

The DSI approach ensures the proper classification of a landscape into systems of record, systems of engagement, and systems of innovation; based on the application’s importance to revenue, cost, agility and the ability to create new sources of competitive advantage. Using HCL’s DAT and PRIZM ™ tools, a risk-mitigated roadmap for application modernization can be created that addresses the 3Cs (capital, cost, and control) of application modernization effectively, and in sufficient detail.

DSI covers a breadth of capabilities that HCL brings to the table, helping companies move from legacy to next generation application landscapes quickly and with a “first time right” culture.

Tools and IPs for the manufacturing industry

  • iMRO – A SAP endorsed business solution for complex maintenance and overhaul in the airline and aerospace industry. iMRO significantly improves maintenance planning, scheduling, execution and billing.
  • mSAM-LA (Mobile Service and Asset Management for Lean Assets) -Empowers field engineers with a dynamic user interface for end-to-end asset visualization and control, enabling the management of enterprise assets using Lean principles
  • mSAM-CA (Mobile Solutions for Complex Asset Maintenance) – Based on the SAP ERP application, this enables line technicians to work offline/online on their laptops or mobile devices
  • FinEdge™– Facilitates multi-channel enablement through sales planning, cross-selling and prospecting
  • iCARE™ – An intelligent tool for contact centers to predict and assist customers interaction
  • Dealmaker™ – A CRM proposal workbench for quotes and contracts covering service and equipment sales. It includes a powerful transaction automation engine.

What We’ve Done For Others

  • By helping a leading U.S.-based medical device manufacturer adopt Mobile technology, HCL enabled it improve its inventory and order management processes
    HCL developed an enterprise mobile application which helped minimize the company’s inventory and order management challenges. By adopting Mobile technology, the company now enjoys:

    • A shortened surgery-to-cash cycle (owing to a unified view of inventory for accurate order placement and inventory status management)
    • Location based service (ensuring precise ‘proximity to distributors’ ordering)
    • Shipment tracking on the go (enabled by a uniquely featured Fleet Management System)
    • Efficient demand forecasting (powered by barcode scanning that reports real time hospital consumption).
  • HCL transforms the supply chain of a leading printing systems manufacturer by redesigning its processes and providing the appropriate mobility solutions
    HCL had to address a heterogeneous mix of applications that were functionally redundant, by modernizing the company’s legacy systems and providing a suitable mobility solution that would enable its CSRs capture and post order details which would impact the order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, logistics, after sales service, and financial reporting areas. This resulted in the company enjoying the following benefits:

    • Cycle time reduction by 8.5% due to redesigned processes
    • Successful implementation of the mobility solution in 6 countries, within budget
    • Lower IT operating costs across OpCos, and an established Change Control Management system
    • Innovative pricing model for application decommissioning (as HCL is a partner of the customer)
    • 50% reduction in cycle time of the entire business process by implementing a mobility solution. Reduced errors in order booking, increased accuracy and quick response resulted in improved customer satisfaction
    • Annual savings of 36% on the support cost - through a shared service center
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Case study

HCL helps a leading drug manufacturer adopt cloud and convert Capex to Opex
HCL helps a leading drug manufacturer adopt cloud and convert Capex to Opex
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.