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Life Sciences and Healthcare


The Situation Today

The technology imperative in Healthcare has brought a paradigm shift by introducing increased possibilities of what can be developed, implemented, and cured. This shift is causing leaders in the industry to move from an efficiency focus to a more strategic approach. In the Healthcare industry, convergence and consolidation of Pharma, Payer and the Provider segments is creating a holistic ecosystem of care management and is also fundamentally changing the technological landscape of the industry

The industry is also witnessing the emergence of four Big Data pools -- R&D and Clinical Data; Sales and Marketing Data; Patient Behavior Data; and Claims Data. At the same time, Analytics is all set to drive optimization and comparative performance. This change is powered by the emergence of commercially viable technologies like Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), Mobility, Social Media and the IT service provider’s ability to provide an efficient service offering.

A rapidly evolving healthcare industry, however, is also leaving a few challenges in its wake. These include:

  • The need to adjust to the changing nature of delivery of care which has gone beyond just hospitals
  • Redefined healthcare demands from a sophisticated and empowered consumer, and changing demographics
  • Regulatory pressures with the increasing role of government
  • Disruptions in traditional healthcare delivery, and threats to traditional business models

What We Offer

With industry consolidation, integration is becoming a challenge for the enterprise. HCL’s Digital Systems Integration (DSI) takes a holistic approach toward digitalization and helps organizations bridge the gaps and improve the outcomes. DSI powers organizations to take a proactive approach in Healthcare delivery, thereby addressing the redefined demand through deeper collaboration, single view of data, analytics, empowered patients and smarter connected devices. DSI helps organizations deal with the conundrum of efficiency while increasing scale.

This digital care platform also ensures that the patients are more aware and informed about their care providers, about the implications of their conditions, and also about their treatment regimes. So while the consumer benefits from personalization of care, the costs are kept low allowing savings of money and time.

What We’ve Done for Others

HCL has helped a number of Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations create an unparalleled, personalized customer experience to gain a competitive advantage.

HCL helped a leading healthcare company realize monetary benefits through cloud enablement. The company was reeling under a fragmented cost of its CRM acquisition and a call center application landscape that was resulting in increased cost of ownership. The company wanted to simplify the application landscape, streamline its vendors, and align the application portfolio to its business strategies. It also wanted an assessment on the feasibility of cloud adoption in their landscape.

HCL assessed the functional capabilities of the existing CRM and call center landscapes across markets, framed a CRM strategy and rationalization plan, recommended a CRM solution with a flexible and extensible architecture built on the cloud, recommended the call center product that provided an improved customer experience, and designed the target architecture for deployment. HCL’s solution helped the customer:

  • Achieve operational efficiency from the introduction of new capabilities
  • Save 35% cost on the total cost of operations over 5 years due to the migration to an improved CRM implementation
  • Increase user adoption by 85% during the first week of operation
  • Achieve greater insights into customer needs from better analytics
  • Save 57% on the total cost of operations over 5 years, for over 250 voice agents across 12 contact center sites in 14 countries with a better call center system
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Digital Care Management
Digital Care Management – Building a Healthier Future
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.