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Public Services

Energy & Utilities

The Situation Today

Energy and utility companies are focusing attention on how to improve customer satisfaction and optimize assets, in order to remain competitive. To accelerate digital transformation, they are moving towards automated meters, distribution system optimization, and deploying social media as customer communication channels. Yet, through it all, they need analytics to help them improve their business performance and provide better customer satisfaction.

What We Offer

HCL’s integrated approach to digitalization, transforms utility companies by helping them tackle technical/commercial losses, unlock capital for investment in smart technologies of the future, and deliver superior customer service. HCL helps in asset mapping, customer indexing, and asset optimization which helps gain efficiencies and enhance customer satisfaction. HCL can also provide a single view of data across an organization through platforms that consolidate both, business, and customer-related data. HCL’s predictive analytics tool in Digital Systems Integration (DSI) - can be used to identify consumer behavior, load patterns, and identify faults and, thus, is very crucial in successful demand side management. For energy companies, this translates to reduced losses, reduced operational and maintenance costs, higher revenues, and a step toward smart grids.

What We’ve Done for Others

HCL transforms a legacy-driven Indian utility in to a digitalized corporation. By managing its IT operations, HCL not only helped it reduce its aggregate technical and commercial losses but also automated its processes, bringing it closer to its smart grids vision.

During the engagement, HCL indexed over 6 million consumers for power usage and consumption.

  • HCL provided the utility’s services online, which not only enhanced customer experience but also enabled transactions approximately worth $ 160Mn USD per month.
  • HCL conducted GIS mapping of over 60,000 electrical assets, installed GPRS enabled modems at 65,000 metering points for remote meter data collection (MDAS) and IT Infrastructure (hardware), and enabled MPLS network rollout to connect 2500 DISCOM offices.
  • HCL designed and developed application modules centered on the Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) suite.
  • HCL’s analytics engine in DSI provides real-time information about demand and load patterns, which in turn, helps in preventing network outage.

Travel, Transportation and Logistics

The Airline Industry
The Situation Today

Public Services industries such as Travel, Transportation and Logistics have seen a global resurgence. A couple of factors are adding momentum to this growth.

  • Supply chain efficiency: Application modernization from legacy platforms to highly evolved commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms has now made 360-degree views of the business/operations possible. Similarly, collaboration has reached new levels with user interfaces moving towards social media functionality, enabling business users form private groups and solve complex ad-hoc problems quickly.
  • Near real-time decision making: Companies now witness faster decision making as non-IT/analytics business users are now provided with real-time information which helps them forecast business changes more accurately.
What We Offer

Taking a case in point, let’s look at the resurgent Airline industry, which has been consolidating globally to restore its profits while the explosion in the number of smartphone users has made digitalization the new norm. Therefore, customer expectations such as seat changes and upgrades, check-in, automated baggage handling, real-time flight notifications, alerts, and e-ticketing have now become hygiene factors. This is driving the need for technology modernization and upgrade.

For many airlines, collecting, formatting, and distributing timely and consistent data through a patchwork of legacy systems and partner establishments is both expensive, and a maintenance nightmare.
With such challenges, the journey ahead for the Airline industry will involve an integrated approach for technology transformation and digitalization. Through digital technology, the industry can deliver unparalleled, personalized customer experience and create competitive advantage. Through its Digital System Integration (DSI) offering, HCL helps travel, transportation and logistics companies begin the three-step process of transforming into a digital enterprise. This includes:

  • Application Modernization : Removing the dependency on legacy systems, thereby improving the ability to innovate
  • Data Fabric : Integrating disparate data sources to create a single data flow, further broadening the scope for innovation and to give businesses a single view of data
  • Digital Transformation : Achieving business process disruption by taking transformative advantage of applications, thereby transforming into a digital enterprise
What We’ve Done for Others

HCL enables a 360-degree view of operations, and enhances effective decision-making and operational efficiency for America’s largest domestic airline

HCL developed and implemented a platform that published real time events, and helped optimize operations. By integrating data across multiple areas including flight, passenger, crew, baggage and maintenance, the customer enjoyed several benefits.

  • By automating its (mass) flight cancellation process HCL minimized both customer, and operational impact and associated costs
  • Facilitated proactive baggage mishandling notification and resolution
  • Enabled passenger re-accommodation in the event of irregular operations
  • Enabled automated decision making – helping front line staff to focus on customers as opposed to back office operations
  • Developed an operational data store that enabled the analysis of irregular operations which helped minimize future operational impact
  • Provided visibility into operations via state-of-the-airline dashboards
The Logistics Industry
The Situation Today

The logistics industry has been at the forefront of the digitalization wave, particularly as it impacts global business through e-commerce. This change has enabled disruptive technologies in the industry. The rise of Omni-channel retailing has resulted in the emergence of specialist logistics companies called Omni-channel courier companies who work with the established logistics companies that have E-fulfillment warehousing capabilities.

Another trend contributing to the industry’s growth is enhanced usability based on advanced search of transactional data generated in the logistics value chain. Through the simplification of user interfaces, non-IT /analytics business users now can access real-time analytics to generate business reports, which help in real-time decision making.

What We’ve Done for Others

HCL helps a logistics company unify its technology-enabled services
A large global logistics service provider (LSP) embarked on a multiyear IT transformation initiative designed to improve client services, reduce the risk of failures and free its best people to apply more focus on the business. It wanted a unified and futuristic platform, and to reduce the total cost of IT ownership.

HCL helped the company consolidate, standardize and operate its legacy environments more efficiently and effectively.

  • The company transitioned over 150 applications to a dedicated offshore development facility. By doing so, 10% of the annual enterprise IT operating expense was shifted from supportive operations (cost) to investments in the future standard platform and application portfolio. For each dollar spent on HCL services, the firm achieved a 23% increase in IT labor capacity.
  • The company implemented a global service desk. For the first time, it was able to capture actionable data about recurring problems in the infrastructure and application portfolio. Root cause analysis and remediation activities subsequently yielded immediate improvements in availability and throughput of the legacy infrastructure. At the same time, the data offered potential for further opportunities and longer-term transformational initiatives.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.