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The Situation Today

Traditional Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) are facing mounting pressures from competition and from disruption brought on by over-the-top (OTT) content providers, and must therefore respond quickly to this changing environment. They need to transform their business models from being capital-intensive and technology-focused to being more user-centric.

To be able to introduce new and attractive services to customers and enhance their experience, these companies need to transform themselves by modernizing their legacy systems or by introducing next- generation telecom infrastructure solutions.

What We Offer

We believe that if TSPs want to really differentiate themselves, they need to focus more on providing context enriched services, data center and network function virtualization, Big Data, cloud computing and M2M communication services.

HCL’s DSI™ (Digital Systems Integration) services help TSPs effectively transform themselves from legacy-driven traditional organizations to digitalized organizations by leveraging transformational technologies that make them future-ready. They are now equipped to compete in an uncertain environment and achieve their business objectives.

What We’ve Done For Others

HCL helped one of the Top 3 U.S. national providers of wireless voice, messaging, and data services, increase business agility, improve store experience and partner integration, and reduce its fragmented product catalog that was scattered across multiple applications.

The client now enjoys:

  • A reduction in in-store activation time by 80%
  • A reduction in new channel partner on-boarding time by 75%
  • Increased availability of applications
  • Over 50 common re-usable services as an API layer  - decoupling the backend from partners
  • A reduction in time taken to certify platform changes (through our platform verification test suite) by 70%

HCL helped to create a multi-channel, API platform for a leading U.S. telecommunication service provider

The client now enjoys:

  • A consistent application portfolio that facilitates effortless business transactions, reduces training time, and increases the productivity of service centers and employees

  • Benefits through the re-use of software components across the application, enabling agility

  • Iteration-free, parallel and rapid prototyping for application development

  • Visibility of deliverables throughout the development process

  • Reduced cost through reduced risk of rework and/or late cancelation

  • Responsive UI - built to work on multiple devices and channels

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.