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Dreamforce 2014

SALESFORCE: Co-Existing In A Legacy Environment

Enterprise application suites are increasingly shifting to a SaaS-based model. However, many global organizations maintain a sizable on-premise footprint for a variety of reasons. These could range from large investments in these systems that are difficult to divest from, to resistance to cloud systems, or to mission critical infrastructure in these legacy systems. One way to introduce cloud to these organizations is to embrace a strategy of active co-existence. What applications and edge systems can Salesforce and Salesforce1 Platform bring to enhance these older systems to make them more relevant to customers and maximize the returns for the enterprise? 

Both business leaders and CIOs have needs and crisis points that fall straight into's area of capability (green), but many of the same leaders and organizations have also made significant investments in other CRM and platform infrastructure, more than likely on-premise.

Our Approach

HCL works with many large enterprise companies and realizes this nuanced approach of application co-existence is often necessary to make inroads with and its suite of applications. This can take a number of forms:

CRM Application Enhancement – Augmenting legacy CRM functionality with technology (Salesforce Communities, Platform Apps,, etc.)

Core Operating Application Enhancement – Enhancing core SAP, Oracle ERP system with edge platform apps outside of the realm of CRM

CRM/Platform Roadmap – By-product of the first two elements; Long-term roadmap for to co-exist during natural amortization of current footprint of which (CRM or otherwise) may only be a portion of the "big picture"


HCL is a global technology company (92,000 employees/ USD 6.5Bn revenue), focused on helping our largest customers solve their business and technology problems.

We realize that a co-existence model involving and legacy CRM and technical infrastructure can be complex, requiring multiple technologies and relationships across the entire enterprise. There may also be challenges involving migration, data, application consolidation, security, platform integration, and enterprise culture. HCL is the partner to help you navigate these challenges.

Partner Navigate these Challenges

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Join us at Dreamforce 2014 in San Francisco, meet our industry experts, and put our experience and insight to work for you. Let's Talk Legacy Co-existence!

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.