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A Practical Guide to Starting your Cloud Native Journey with SAP

Download our latest eBook to learn how SAP and cloud-first teams can start leveraging SAP’s cloud-native tools & business process repository to innovate at scale.

Cloud-Native approaches are changing how we design, develop, scale, and run applications – SAP is no exception. Adopting cloud-first approaches can drive ROI from your SAP investments – and allow you to quickly deliver the innovation organizations need to thrive.

Yet despite large investments in SAP technology, many organizations overlook SAP’s rapid application development and integration opportunities – increasing costs, timelines & effort.

Whether your company has just started thinking about the cloud – or already has a detailed cloud strategy in place – this guide will contain actionable advice to help you extend and modernize your SAP investments

What’s in the guide?

  • What Cloud Native means for SAP 
  • What SAP Cloud Native means to a “Cloud First” team
  • Components of a Cloud Native strategy
  • Understanding ROI – Some basic considerations
  • Aligning your organization’s “Cloud Native” approaches
  • Benefits of adding SAP Cloud Platform to your cloud toolbox
  • Functional and design approaches for “extending” SAP solutions
  • Changing role of the Design Authority and project teams
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