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HCL Technologies

Economic Performance

HCL Technologies (HCLT) continues to outperform the Indian IT-BPO industry. During the year ending June 2012, HCLT's revenues grew by 17% YoY compared to revenue growth of 14% YoY for Indian IT-BPO industry. On a three year Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) basis, HCLT's revenue grew by 24% whereas the Indian IT-BPO industry revenues grew by 13% during the same period. On a five year CAGR, HCLT's revenue grew by 24.4% as compared to the Indian IT-BPO industry revenue growth of 16%.

Amount in US $ million
Component 2011-122010-11
Direct economic value generated 4,192.843,587.71
a) RevenuesNet sales plus revenues from financial investments and sales of assets4,192.843,587.71
Economic value distributed 3,977.973,440.17
b) Operating costsPayments to suppliers, non-strategic investments, royalties, and financial payments1,331.531,184.05
c) Employee wages and benefitsTotal monetary outflows for employees (current payments, not future commitments)2,161.441,888.99
d) Payments to providers of capitalAll financial payments made to the providers of the organizations capital184.63150.24
e) Payments to government (by country)Gross taxes299.53216.81
f) Community investmentsVoluntary contributions and investments of funds in the broader community (includes donations)0.840.07
Economic value retained (calculated as Economic value generated less Economic value distributed)Investment, equity release, etc214.87147.54
Geo wise break down of revenueUSA57.0%55.8%
Key Economic RatiosYear-on-year revenues growth (%)17.1%31.1%
Employee cost/ total revenue (%)52.1%53.3%
Operating profit/ total revenue(%)15.9%13.4%
Return on average invested capital (%)20.8%16.1%
ROCE (PBIT) average capital employed (%)26.3%20.0%
Basic EPS Growth (before exceptional Items (%)34.6%33.3%
Price/ earnings at the end of the year12.2321.12
Tax/ PBT (%)24.7%23.0%

*Inclusive of pension and gratuity                          Scope: HCLT Global operations as on 30 June, 2012

Tax Benefit: MAT credit recognized by company in books of accounts as FY 2012 and FY 2011 is INR 331 crores and INR 267.99 crores respectively. Hence, the net MAT Credit increased in current year is INR 167.8 Crores.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.