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HCL Technologies

Benefits Led Utilities Solutions

We deliver successful business solutions that are measured by benefits rather than traditional outcomes. We provide Utilities the levers that decide the control versus risk that they wish to undertake or outsource. Our benefits-led utilities solutions have the capabilities which include -   

Customer Relationship and Billing

As an Integrator HCL has delivered over 60 SAP IS-U CCS implementations across all major utilities including gas, electricity, water, waste water and sanitation services. Our implementations have delivered complex billing solutions for commercial and residential customers for regulated and deregulated utilities. We have deployed both stand-alone CCS solutions as well as integrated CCS/EAM/ERP implementations including comprehensive web and IVR self-service functionality. Realized benefits have included reduced customer service and billing costs, reduced time and cost to implement and change tariffs, increased utilization of self-service channels, improved billing accuracy and reduced bad debt write-off.

Customer Financials Management

HCL has broad experience in organization wide receivables consolidation on the Customer Financials Management module. Non-consumption based receivables management can be a challenge in organizations also dealing with large numbers of receivables for consumption based customers. Consolidation of receivables to a single receivables management system brings with it the benefit of opening the same access and payment and collections channels to non-consumption based customers as those that are available to the typical utility customer. More efficient collections across the organization as well as the benefit of being able to leverage existing payment channels and web interaction functionality in place for consumption customers are a few of the benefits that can be realized.

Customer Relationship Management

HCL pioneered the use of SAP in customer call center environments, developing a packaged SAP contact center solution that was designed specifically to meet the required levels of transactional processing within high volume, scripted inbound and outbound call center environments. As a Business Process Outsourcing Provider HCL has implemented multi-channel SAP solutions in over 47 call centers, supporting 4,000+ call center agents, eCommerce, eService and IVR applications. Our clients have reported improved call center capacity, reduced call handling times, reduced call center costs and improved cross-sell and up-sell rates. Integrated analytics has been used by our clients to develop better targeted customer acquisition and retention campaigns.

Enterprise Asset Management

HCL is recognized by SAP as the go to partner for complex, large scale asset management solutions. We have delivered full lifecycle EAM solutions in some of the most demanding industries including airline operations and maintenance, engine overhaul, military equipment maintenance and utilities. These solutions support both field based and base maintenance for spatial assets and components. Delivered benefits increased engineer productivity, increased asset reliability, accurate operational cost of ownership information and better prioritization of investment. We have deployed fully integrated EAM solutions encompassing mobile asset management, GPRS and GIS technologies.

World Class Finance

HCL has delivered numerous finance transformation programs designed to better align the provision of financial services to the needs of the wider organization. Benefits delivered include reduced transactional processing costs, consolidation and streamlining of financial functions, improved financial information and the enablement of financial shared services.

Corporate Performance Management

HCL has unique capabilities in the design and deployment of effective corporate performance management frameworks that are both tied to our client's required strategic outcomes and fed by the deployed best practice SAP processes. Our consultants employ a rapid development methodology to accelerate the delivery of demonstrable reporting and business planning prototypes which are used to iteratively confirm the overall reporting framework. Within our utilities practice we have developed SAP BI enabled standard reporting frameworks to support operational unit cost analysis of assets, customer profitability reporting and analysis as well as rate case modeling and planning tools.

Supply Chain Management

HCL has the in-house experience and capabilities to assess and re-engineer our client's procurement and supply chain processes including delivering inventory optimization and procurement efficiencies. Our approach to SAP-enabled 'joined-up' procurement for one of our customers has realized over $200m in savings. Supply chain performance diagnostics have identified improved patterns of inventory disposition and warehouse rationalization opportunities for numerous other organizations. We are recognized as experts in delivering SAP SRM solutions, in the deployment of catalogue based procurement solutions, supplier integration and eRFX solutions. We are the exclusive SAP integration partner for American Express' corporate procurement card.

Human Capital Management

HCL has built one of the strongest global HR implementation capabilities of any SAP partner. Our strategic capabilities in human capital management cover all of the core SAP HCM components and extend into re-engineering HR functions and the implementation of SAP-enabled HR shared services. We have particular expertise in the design and deployment of web-enabled HR self service solutions and have developed a library of solutions which significantly extend the power of the standard SAP ESS and MSS solution. We are recognized by SAP as having delivered the most comprehensive implementation of shift planning to support work force management and duty based payroll. Our implementations including workforce management solution have been shown to directly reduce HR administration costs and to lead to improved workforce deployment patterns, increasing organizational capacity while reducing payroll costs.

Advanced meter infrastructure/Smart Grid

HCL is aggressively investing in enhancing their capabilities in the AMI and Smart Grid space. Through strategic hires and investing in the co-innovation of products with SAP, HCL has positioned itself to bring trusted advice and creative solutions to the issues currently facing the utilities industry today.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.