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Electric Utility

Addressing climate changes and rapidly increasing supply-demand gap is on the top of the agenda of the Electric Utilities management worldwide. The industry has undergone progressive restructuring over the last decade along with significant regulatory changes to accommodate the associated change. While deregulation has benefitted the end-users tremendously, it has also resulted in plethora of complex operational challenges for the companies. While conformity to the restructuring and the regulatory actions combined defined the technology focus of the utilities in the past, the future seem to be focused on asset and resource optimization in regulated markets and enabling competitive edge in contestable deregulated markets.

To address these complex challenges, the electric utility industry is looking for business partners in the form of technology service providers with deep industry focus and specialized competencies in solving industry problems like supply security, emissions control, reliability, energy efficiency and customer profitability etc. The solutions which are gaining most ground in this space are in the areas of Energy Savings devices, Demand Response, Work Force Optimization and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

HCL has provided enhanced electric utility software and innovative technology solutions to leading electric utilities across the globe and has helped these organizations in achieving complete business transformation. Our strong domain focus, a 360 degree technology offering and strong engineering background ensures a de-risked, best in class experience for our customers.

HCL has Unparalleled Experience in Implementing SAP

  • Successfully implemented over 35 SAP Utilities implementations within timescales that are convincingly shorter than industry norms
  • Delivered more US SAP Utilities implementations than any other partner
  • Participated in over 85 SAP Utilities implementations
  • Prime contractor for 2 of the 6 worldwide pilots of SAP's Industry Solution for Utilities (IS-U)
  • Developed and implemented the first SAP deregulated billing solution in the world
  • Implemented the first SAP Utility Mobile Asset Management solution in the US
  • Actively involved in one of the first ever fully integrated SAP implementations in the Utility Industry globally

HCL’s Enterprise Content Management service has helped the Generation companies to improve their work management with the help of a digitized repository of all technical documents. Our Plant Automation services can help generation companies to leverage SCADA based solutions to manage distributed generation.

Our Electric Utilities sub-vertical focuses on the specific needs of our electric customers worldwide while offering solutions across the generation, transmission, distribution and retail business lines.

A Snapshot of our Electric Utilities Services

Electric Utilities Services By HCL Tech

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.