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Rapid Deployment Toolkit for Utilities

In addition to being complemented by SAP implementation, support and consulting services, HCL's Rapid Deployment Toolkit for Oil & Gas (RDT for O&G) can get O&G companies up and running on SAP quickly.

For some global enterprises, this has been done in as little as 12 weeks. For others, it's the ability to accomplish significant business transformation, without dedicating an army of employees and consultants full time. For all, it's the ability to take advantage of lessons-learned by similar firms that have successfully implemented and achieved higher levels of business process effectiveness.

A pioneer in the use of pre-configured solutions in the Oil & Gas industry, HCL developed RDT for O&G by combining SAP best practices and a deep understanding of the industry's business processes with implementation lessons-learned. RDT for O&G provides a flexible platform to jump start a company's SAP implementation and integrate core business and back-office functions.

Use the flexibility of RDT for O&G to get your business up and running on SAP, to streamline and automate management of all areas of your business:

  • Job Profitability & Costing: How much was really spent on this job? What is the true profitability of the project? You will have the capability to allocate the costs of labor, contractors, supplies, external services, and cost allocations and distributions to a specific job. No more "hidden" costs.
  • Equipment Utilization: Having problems keeping track of your equipment? Want to know which tools are under-utilized? Get easy to use reports that track your equipment by category, project, location, and more.
  • Support for Remote Users: Using SAP Interactive Forms, powered by Adobe, you can record the labor and materials used, launch purchase requisitions, and perform other important tasks directly from the field. Even when there is limited system connectivity, field crews can accurately and efficiently capture and enter information.
  • Manufacturing: For O&G companies that produce refined products, equipment and/or tools, SAP automates requisitions for both Make-To-Stock (MTS) and Make-To-Order (MTO) manufacturing
  • Equipment Planning and Scheduling: Did you just win a new project but don't know if the equipment needed is tied-up? Is the equipment at project "X" available or on "stand-by"? Get answers with the integrated planning board (mid 2008). Equipment, tools, packages, and even crews can be tracked, real-time, by project and status. You will be integrated with maintenance and inspection management, and you can maximize utilization and capital investments.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.