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HCL Technologies at MWC 2016

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  • Our industry is going through an unprecedented period of change which continues to accelerate. New technologies are available to address this rapid transformation and they require increased expertise to extract their true value.

    At HCL Technologies, we apply our professional services and technical engineering expertise in forward looking technologies such as SDN/NFV, Digital Platform Engineering, IoT, Analytics and Agile to accelerate the development and ease the adoption of ground breaking technology to help partner companies be ready to transform their networks and business.

    Meet us at MWC 2016 where experts take you through HCL's capability and demonstrate how we can help your business achieve its goals. Visit now!

    AGILITY: Networks are on the verge of converging to a virtualized state making businesses think in terms of organizing services. Our NFV, OpenStack service orchestration and other such solutions help you launch and integrate multiple services faster.

    INTELLIGENCE: With the industry undergoing an unprecedented amount of change, pulling out meaningful information from big data is the key. From helping optimize Network Performance to deploying IoT services, HCL solutions power an intelligent enterprise for you.

    INNOVATION: We align ourselves to your pursuit of delivering phenomenal end customer Experiences. With 1250+ patents we have developed innovative solutions for over 400 customers.


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    Leapfrog from legacy to cloud
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    The contest will run from 12th Jan to 19th Feb , 2016 and the winners will be based on a lucky draw and informed shortly thereafter. The winners would be registered for the event by HCL and can collect their passes at the event counter itself.

  • DevOpsFramework for NFV Infrastructure

    The lack of an integrated tool chain to carry out continuous integration and deployment over NFV infrastructure, no method present to carry out Remote deployment of compliant NFV lab infrastructure and VNF Certifications are required to be carried out in operator’s controlled environment are major pain areas for OEMs, virtualization vendors and TSPs alike. HCL’s DevOps Framework to setup NFV Infrastructure on-demand over bare-metal hardware requires almost no manual involvement and can provide significant reduction in lab management & operations cost.

    SDN enabled Microwave Backhaul

    With the evolving of WAN and backhaul products towards SDN enablement which can also impact their complete embedded architecture, a lack of architectural options is emerging. HCL’s SDN enabled Microwave Backhaul –without impacting embedded fabric and accommodating MW modalities optimizes cost of SDN enablement for WAN, backhaul and transport network products, provides faster Time-to-Market and lowers the total cost of ownership for SDN enabled transport/backhaul.

    OpenStack integrated Service Orchestration

    An overarching Orchestration solution is required that can encompass all related virtual portfolio for OEMs while a higher order orchestration capability is required to encompass the multi-vendor portfolios for TSPs. HCL’s Service Orchestration Framework integrated with Virtual Infrastructure Management layer will help you delegate entire ownership, bring faster Time-to-Market and lower the total cost of ownership for managing the entire distribution of Orchestration, OpenStack and other associated Automation and DevOps tool chain.

    VNF –NFVI Benchmarking and Profiling Framework

    After deploying VNF over NFV Infrastructure, there are no set guidelines for deployment experts to identify ways to improve performance and reliability, carry out profiling for the VNFs to improve their performance and identify relevant improvement areas. HCL’s VNF –NFV Infrastructure Benchmarking and Profiling Framework and Engineering Practices can lead to up to 50% improved usage of existing infrastructure and provide significant improvement of Customer Satisfaction for OEMs and Virtualization Vendors.

    WiFi Offloading and HCL Small Cell PoC

    The increasing demand for connectivity and bandwidth is leading to an increased demand for additional spectrum whose license is costly and rare. As LTE-U standardization based on LAA will only finish in 2016, with the first products available in 2017, network deployment will take time. HCL’s WiFi offloading solution based on 3GPP standardized ANDSF helps to improve consumers’ experienced Quality of Service, while it reduces CAPEX and OPEX for TSPs and also, the load in LTE RAN, which in turn improves network manageability.

    NFV Fault Analytics

    In Hybrid networks, operations need a radical rethink given dynamics involved both from technology change due to SDN and NFV adoption and from expectations on service personalization, speed, flexibility, automation, and customer centricity. Traditional monitoring tools fail to provide visibility benefits given the variability in NFV environment. HCL’s framework for Adaptive Fault Intelligence provides deep fault management, analytics building blocks and expertise in SDN/NFV networks whilst improving operational efficiencies, optimizing costs, and improving end user experience.

    Connected Products

    OEMs want to improve the overall productivity of their product in the field and bring out an IoT enabled product with differentiated service offerings to the customer. HCL showcase for connected products, built on a reference device which is a high end blood cell analyzer, allows OEMs to boost revenue with new streams around service offerings, gather product usage data collection to get customer insight on usage behavior and get higher customer engagement with companion applications on IoT enabled products.

    Connected Infrastructure

    Most brownfield Infrastructure environments run on legacy analog systems to sophisticated automated systems.  Institutions, organizations and manufacturing facilities face challenges such as siloed and scattered resources, lower flexibility and efficiency, lack of continuous energy profiling, poor and uncoordinated environment practices, lack of incident warnings, slow emergency responses and interrupted end user service availability. HCL’s Connected Infrastructure, envisioned on IT-OT convergence concept, helps create a cohesive and intelligent ecosystem of infrastructure components like energy, water, air conditioning, transport etc. that can be extended to a smart campus, smart hospitals or smart factories leading to substantial cost savings. 


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

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