The automotive industry is all set to undertake its next tech-driven journey to meet the demands of the growing millennial consumer base. Digitization, advanced automation, and the emergence of disruptive entrants have changed the status quo. Success will be determined by the ability of organizations to accelerate innovation, intensify collaboration, and identify cost improvement avenues across areas such as mobility, autonomous driving, electrification, and connectivity.

Having worked with some of the world’s largest automotive OEMs and component suppliers, we understand the importance of delivering value to the automotive industry’s end customers, the  passengers. Ranging from IT, embedded and electronics to hardware and mechanical engineering, our solutions and services are aimed at providing a complete passenger experience at every link of the value chain. We bring together a knitting vehicle to a world built on a converged technology ecosystem.

Our key differentiators:

  • Engineering partner of choice for global giants in the automotive industry
  • Experience in program management and multi supplier integration for large product launches for clients across industries
  • Over three decades of engineering services experience involving 300+ global customers and 22,000+ engineers
  • Leader in engineering services provision from India 
  • 15+ years of automotive experience, with 1200+ engineers and automotive experts across product specific domains
  • Value impact with large engagement partners in manufacturing and systems and a skin-in-the-game approach for strategic customers
  • Experience in establishing ODCs across the US, the UK, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, and China, among others
  • Track record of delivering excellence in global production programs with simultaneous multi-geo support


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The modern IT landscape is driven by innovation, a strong focus on customer-centricity and future-proof strategic blueprint. At HCL, we adopt research as an ‘approach’ garnering tangible outcomes and paving new business pathways. We combine our passion for engineering with extensive experience in technology implementations to ideate successful products. Our dedicated ERS lab proactively governs software development life cycle (SDLC) processes with state-of-the art digital solutions. HCL’s Engineering R&D Services (ERS) solutions embrace modular frameworks – tightening the SDLC via reusable components and customized blueprints. Our ‘fail-fast’ approach for prototype development enables swift and accurate demand-production alignment.

Embedded Systems Engineering

Matured services in telematics, instrument clusters/HUD, advanced driver assistance systems, powertrain, HVAC, and infotainment/navigation systems. Read More

Engineering Design and Mechanical Development

Proven track record of developing body/chassis, engine systems, infotainment, value analysis, and value engineering. Read More

Hardware Systems Development

Finding the right fit between customer specific needs and our processes, while ensuring top-notch service delivery.Read More

Process Transformation

New product development processes for integrating software and electronic content.

Informed Product Cost Decisions

Systematic cost control opportunities to offset regulation and feature-driven content costs.

Autonomous Capabilities

Increasing demands for sophistication in processing of autonomous vehicle surroundings.

Product Testing Services

Multitude of testing services available broadly, comprising Embedded Software, Application Software, Test Automation, Validation, Product/Device and Compliance Testing. Read More

Next Generation PLM Strategies

Digital thread roadmap for seamlessly connecting engineering and manufacturing to deliver an optimized customer experience. Read More

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Engineering and R&D Services