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The market is undergoing a major shift which pivots around "consumer experiences" around the products. At the same time, consumer electronics technologies are increasingly being leveraged in adjacent domains. Our experience of working with leading OEMs give us the ability to adopt traditional CE technologies in evolving the ecosystem around the products, thereby enhancing consumer experience. New technologies like, AR/VR, AI, NUI, analytics, and deep learning-based solutions are being adopted to provide next generation consumer experiences. Today's consumer is "on-the-move" and wishes to carry this experience with him. Our expertise in mobility, connectivity, device gateways, multimedia, cloud computing, consumer electronics engineering, and analytics ensures consumer experiences "anywhere".

We lead the way with in-depth market knowledge, gathered through extensive industry experience. With our understanding of market trends driving consumer behavior, ability to leverage technology across verticals such as telecom and ISV, and deep domain expertise in cloud, SaaS, VLSI, and embedded system applications systems engineering, we help ensure our consumer electronic customers meet their business goals. We have led through and created consumer experiences by technology and vertical convergence in adjacent verticals, including home, inflight experience, car entertainment and telematics, and personal healthcare. We have been ranked a market leader in consumer electronics IT services by Zinnov in the evolving segments of digital home, white goods, and consumer imaging.

We deliver concept-to-manufacture insights, comprehensive IT solutions, and enterprise application services. For over thirty years, we have been leading providers of electronic engineering services, device & application testing, developer & customer support services (aftermarket & in-development products), CRM, infrastructure management, business process outsourcing, and product lifecycle solutions. Our “e-DAT” solutions have enabled clients to reduce costs by over 30%. We have facilitated seamless integration of transparent models that link service-level agreements to business-level KPIs.


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electronics DESIGN

High level design, schematics, BOM, layouts, reverse engineering, PCB layout, FPGA/ASIC design, verification and validation, and other value-added services.

Mechanical Design
Mechanical Design

Conceptualization, design and development, implementation manufacturing, active product support, and end-of-life products.

Embedded Software Design
Embedded Software Design

Embedded software design, middleware, rich embedded system applications, and interactive GUIs for consumer electronics, computer peripherals and converged/ smart products.

Software Engineering
Software Engineering

Software Product Ideation, Software Product Architecture, Software Product Design, Software Product, Testing and QA, Migration and Porting, Technical Support, Sustaining Engineering, and Professional Services.

Product Verification & Validation
Product Verification & Validation

Test plan design, embedded system test design, compatibility and interoperability, compliance testing, and regression testing. Lab-As-Service, Rent-A-Lab propositions and shared labs for connectivity, multimedia-broadcast, product compliance, and networking.

Automation & CI
Automation & CI

Test automation framework development, conformance test suite development, automated test bench development. Cloud based environment for code analysis, automated provisioning/ de-provisioning of device for production / preproduction releases. Read More

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